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Do the world a favor

OK, it’s now the day after Halloween and the perfect time to do a good deed for yourself and for the world. And it is so easy to do.

Here’s what I ask of all of you. Go to your kitchen and find the bowl of leftover halloween candy. (I know you hardcore people never even had candy in the house, but bear with me for a minute.) Take that bowl of candy over to the end of the counter AND DUMP IT IN THE TRASH.

That’s right, trash it. Do yourself a favor and don’t keep it around to nibble on. And do the rest of us and the rest of the world a huge favor by NOT BRINGING IT INTO WORK on Monday. Maybe the rest of you are resolute, but I don’t need the temptation of free candy at work. Just keep it away from me, and don’t tempt anyone else either.

And while you’re at it, trash the leftover high-glycemic party foods from the night before too. I know many of us were taught not to waste food, but some food was meant to be laid to waste. Heck, some food was never meant to be eaten.

Sorry, I just had to rant.

this is pretty unrelated but i wanted to chime in anyhow. when i took my daughter trick or treating last night i got to thinking, “what a cool fucking holiday!” you walk around door to door and people give you free shit! we need more days like this. perhaps free sport supplement day, or give out 10 grams of gear day, etc…

No way! I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. After every post-workout shake I have, I’m going to follow it with a Tootsie Pop.

or you can save for next year. Thats what my mom did this year.

Actually, if you want to eat candy post-workout, got for either Bottle Caps or SweetTarts.

Both of these candies are composed almost entirely of dextrose and maltodextrin. The perfect post workout snack,as far as candy goes, anyway.

Wouldn’t it be great to have Grow bars in “fun size” so we could hand them out at Halloween. Maybe Biotest can revive the recipe once a year at Halloween.

BTW: Halloween is just ONCE a year. If you can’t handle eating a few bits of candy and/or just relaxing diet-wise once a year?

Don’t go hold a party at your home and don’t buy the candy. And if you go to a party? Just don’t eat the food/candy available there.

Who the fuck are you? The Candy Police? I’ll eat all the candy I want and If you can’t handle having junkfood around ya then that’s your problem! HA HA!

Yorik, I’m with you.

Here in Japan, when people go out of the prefecture there’s a custom that they’re supposed to bring back “souvenirs” for the people back home. This usually takes the form of a box of small packaged candies that they can hand out, generally some “special product” of the place that they were visiting.

I’ve told my students (and others) time and again that I won’t eat that sort of thing. But it doesn’t help. They still bring me back all kinds of junk, usually some sort of sweet bean paste with a stratospheric GI. I thank them politely, put whatever it is in my pocket … and when I get home I throw it away.

To me, it doesn’t matter if it’s once a year or every day, I just don’t want it. So I’m not gonna eat it. End of story.

Well, Patricia, Halloween is just once a year, but the local high schools have their fund-raising candy drives throughout the year, and down the hall right now somebody is selling suckers for some little league team and it’s time for the holiday pot lucks at work and…and…and…

So I really do not need one more temptation. There’s just way too much candy in the world.

I did have a party at my house for friends. I let it be potluck, but made sure I had stuff I could eat. (I’m not sure why, since I got plastered on Everclear based punch anyway.) One of the guests was even joking “where’s your protein powder?”

Let’s see…

Discipline to go to the gym at regular intervals… Check!

Discipline to hold down a full-time job… Check!

Discipline to push through that last squat rep instead of pussing out and racking it… Check!

Discipline to not reach over and take that piece of candy that seems to be calling your name… NADA!!

Don’t blame them.