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Do the carbs in fish oil matter?

I know you’re not suppose to sweat the small stuff, but I’m doing the fast-fat and I just noticed that my dave alexander max epa fish oil has 11g of carbs for every 12g of fish oil fat; I’m assuming the carbs come from the apple pectin in the oil. Is the amount of carbs I’m going to be consuming from multiple doses of this stuff going to throw off the diet, or should I not worry about it if all my other ducks are in a row? I’ve got 2 more bottles of this stuff and I prefer it over pills and other oils…

If it’s apple pectin, it should all be fiber and thus you wouldn’t have to worry aobut it.

Does the label list the grams of fiber?

Any other possible carb sources? I don’t know all the ingredients, but you could list them if your not sure which might be carb sources.

Is it the oil or the caps? I checked out the caps and it said less than 1 gram. I don’t know the actual carb content though.

Umm…ingredients in order for the liquid fish oil are: filtered water, glycerin, omega-3 fish oil, lecithin, tragacanth gum resin, mint flavor, apple pectin, liquid antioxidant blend. I suppose I could go all apeshit over the mention of glycerin. So…worry or not about the presence of carbs in here for my fast fat cycle?

Dude, why are you buying the emulsified fish oil? Get the pure shit. Mmm mmm good.

I believe it was Berardi who stated that the Dave Alexander Max EPA fish oil was the shit. The emulsification process, I believe, is supposed to make it more readily available to your digestive system. So, I’m using this over the pure shit because this is supposed to be “the shit.”

The right kind of DaLe Alexander Max EPA fish oil is the shit, but not the emulsified shit. That shit’s just shit. I think the emulsification is just to make the shit more palatable for wussies, which if you ask me is some wack shit. Why ingest the extra calories and pay the extra cost if you don’t need to? Go to iherb.com and order Health from the Sun’s liquid fish oil. It’s incredibly cost-effective, primo quality, and doesn’t taste too bad either.

Emulsification has nothing to do with making it palatable or tasty, the process makes it more readily available for your body to use. I also believe the emulsified Dale Alexander(my bad on the sp) Max EPA is the only variety available in liquid form(I mean the only Dale Alexander Max EPA in liquid form–I know there are other Dale Alexander liquid fish oils, namely the cod oil, as well as other brands of liquid fish oil); there is probably a non-emulsified Dale Alexander variety in capsule form, though. The other oils you mentioned I’ve read about and sound good; I’ll have to check them out later since I already have the previously mentioned Dale Alexander bottles to use. All of that is kind of a different topic, though, since my initial question was, and still is, will the 11g of carbs to the 12g of fat in the oil sabotage the results of
the fat fast?