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Do Test Levels Drop After One Cycle?


Just curious, I've been reading a lot on this topic and I get mixed views.

I know a lot of people out there have far more experience and knowledge than I do, so I wanted to ask you what your take on this is? I want to do one - two cycles of Sustanon (they'd be spaced like 1.5 years apart), and was wondering whether my test levels would fully recover after the first one or does it only take one cycle to stop your test recovering to where it used to be?

I assume age would play a part too.


Its very possible. But it's impossible to say how likely it is for any specific person.

It really is a crap shoot in that regard. But it would be naive to think that cycling doesnt do a bit of damage each time. How much 'a bit' is cant be definitively calculated.

Steroids have risks, regardless of the precautions taken. There's no doubt about that.


I could've sworn I remember either a study or someone's log where it showed he actually had higher test levels 2 cycles later then he did before he cycled.

Mind you, this was probably consistent with natural peak in T levels as someone goes from 20 to 24 or so.


Depends. Some people will recover from one or two cycles just fine, others will have low levels for life. In my opinion if you aren't willing to risk this steroids aren't for you. Steroids are not for people who want to do one cycle to look good for their wedding/the beach/whatever. It is for people who have long term, serious goals.


I can imagine steroids would not affect natural production as long as they were not abused or even cycled for long periods. The body should be able to recover itself inbetween especially with the use of the right drugs. Are there any reports of HCG losing the effectiveness to increase testicle size after several uses I wonder. Maybe it is all linked back to your age as what you are supposed to be producing is all relative to your age anyway.

What would happen if a steroid user was to suffer lower test levels after several cycles but during these years he had put on a lot of muscle - lets say gone from 95KG to 120KG then would he be able to maintain what he had gained with his own natural testosterone production? Lets say he did not want to use steroids again but did want to keep the muscle he had built over the years. His own natural production was above average when he started and below average when he finishes (if not due to cycles then purely due to his age.)


Do you also imagine that the moon is made of green cheese?

I think your imagination is extremely naive.

There is every reason to believe that natural hormone production will be negatively affected by steroid use. Every experienced person Ive spoken with believes that there are long term negative effects regardless of the precautions taken while on cycle.

How many cycles have you done?


Bonez I'm on my first cycle as you know. I did say "I can imagine" which means I would believe it if somebody with good knowledge told me. I am not giving it out as advice as I am not an expert (just to avoid any confusion.) We all have our inputs and I had a question related to it too as I was curious about the topic.


I see that you didnt claim to present any facts, it just sounded as if you heard somewhere that cycling is a way to avoid long term damage. My mistake if I misinterpreted that.

As to your question. If someone gets far bigger than his natural ceiling would have allowed he will lose muscle mass when coming off drugs, regardless of damage done or not done to the HPTA

There is definitely a point where the muscle mass a very person is carrying is only possible because of the drugs he's on.

There is also good reason to believe that muscle mass built and maintained with the help of AAS will create a new 'set point' for what the person's body "sees" as normal. Meaning you are able to eat less to maintain a higher bodyweight than you may have been able to in the past. This goes for guys who do it without drugs though, so I dont think the AAS are to credit for that. AAS just get you to that higher bodyweight faster than otherwise possible


Thanks for the answer Bonez and also apologies to OP for temporarily hijacking the thread.

I did not realise there was a theory that a new "set point" could be achieved and it is nice to think this is the case. It would of course be disheartening to think all gains over the years would fade away relatively quickly unless the use of AAS was maintained fairly frequently.