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Do T Levels Drop After Workout?


Do Testosterone levels drop right after a workout?

How long before they bounce back?



what would you do if they do? or dont?


Tip: Learn more about your body than what you read in an article. Your "t levels" are rising and falling all day long. This is like worrying obsessively about Gh release when the truth is, any release is so small during training that to focus on that aspect alone is a waste of energy.

Your results are going to be based on EVERYTHING you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you go back to sleep...including how much sleep you get. Getting caught up in minutia that you barely understand will hold back progress.


To answer the question directly, however, read this:


I think sitting in front of a computer screen will probably drop your t-levels quite a bit...well I guess it depends on what you're doing in front of that screen!

Get sleep, eat meat, train hard.


what if youre looking at porn and murders?

...try saying porn and murders 5 times fast. i cant do it even twice without saying poin and muoidahs


Yes, they do. Stop working out immediately.


Reminds me of (name that movie):

Random Skank: What kind of work do you do?
PB: Murders and Executions mostly.
Random Skank: Oh, do you like it?
PB: Why?
Random Skank: Most guys I know that are into Mergers and Acquisitions don't like it that much.


Alright, right after workout the T levels are very high.

It is not exactly clear from the article when the T levels start to gradually drop but I would imagine immedietely after workout.

Had no intentions of changing anything was just curious. But yea, I might be focusing on details.