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Do Supplements Go Bad?

I haven’t lifted weights in a while, but I’m about to start back up. I’ve got some old creatine and a testosterone supplement. Both have been opened, the creatine expired in 2-2006 and the testosterone back in 7-2007.

Are they still ok? Would you still take them?


Pharmaceuticals degrade rapidly under controlled temperatures, they�??ve been shown to break down even faster after being shipped around and put in stores. Taking expired drugs/supps. isn�??t usually dangerous, but time can weaken or simply neutralize the substance.

They should be fine. creatine isn’t something that goes bad easily. It would be like protein powder going bad, or your sugar going bad. Dump water in it and leave it might be no good but it should be fine. Your T-Supps haven’t been opened for very long, should be fine. unless they are pro-hormones or gear then you need to ask the guys on the steroids forum.