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Do Some Research

Original Thread Title: How Do I Perform A Google Search?

Friendly reminder: please do at least SOME research before asking a question.

There’s… www.google.com

And there’s that little white box in the top right.

How do I get to google though? I just dont understand why should I have to do research? I mean seriously you guys have already done it and know it so why not just write it up again for 5,000,000th time for me so I can just ignore the answer and go to different forum and ask the same fucking question there. Thats what guys like you and all the other guys are for duh.

[quote]Reed wrote:
How do I get to google though?[/quote]

haha thank you

Awh, thread title was changed.

How Do I Perform a Bench Press?
How Do I Perform a Clean and Press?

How Do I Perform a Google Search?

But no. They changed it.

Some are paid to moderate these forums, they edit, move to appropriate forum…