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Do Shut Down Balls Produce Semen?

Hey, anyone know if shut down balls would produce semen or not ? thanks

I sure as hell hope so, otherwise wtf is coming out of my dick???


Technically the prostate produces semen. The balls make hormones and sperm. That’s why guys with vasctamies still shoot something.

Good luck with the sterons, might want to read up on them a bit more.

I mean sperm , would balls that are shut down after a cycle produce it or nah ?

Wear a rubber. Just sayin.

No way to know for sure. I’m sure guys on TRT have managed to knock girls up.

Yes but your sperm count generally drops on test. Some to the point of infertility.

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Yes… as blshaw just said, sperm count drops or you may not produce any test or spermatozoa! Some can keep producing a great amount of it while on test, so they are not shut down. Some will be shut down with 100/ 200mg per week… no nothing! You’ll keep producing semen, but no little kids or endogenous test. The shut down happens by negative feedback when introducing exog. test/ steroids… your hypothalamus interprets that there is a lot of testosterone / estrogen circulating in your blood, then it will not send a signal for pituitary gland to produce FSH (spermatozoa production) and LH (teste production)… if your balls are used or can produce both with a little stimulation of FSH and LH, just because with time, somehow, some guys have their system adapted to low stimulation of FSH and LH and still produce a great amount, remaining fertile. Thats it.