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Do semi-stiff dead lifts increase butt size?

I’m trying to get my hamstrings bigger but my butt keeps getting bigger. When doing stiff legged dead lifts I bend my knees about 30 degrees and do a full range of motion going about 8-15 reps for 3-5 sets. I need to desperately increase the size of my hamstrings without adding size to my butt area. I also do leg curls. Help!


What do you mean by bigger? They won’t make your butt wider, do you mean it sticks out or what? Stiff legged deadlifts work that whole area, so I guess if your hamstrings get bigger, your butt’s going to get bigger too, but so what? Ed Coan said that’s what you need to be a big squatter. Hey do these pants make my butt look too big? :slight_smile:

It’s really difficult to perform that exercise without any gluteal involvement. I recommend you try glute ham raises doing just the upper half of the movement. Also any type of isolation movement such as seated leg curls, standing leg curls, prone leg curls etc.

try it without bending your knees, make sure to point your feet straight forward, and keep the bar close to or touching your legs.

I depends on how you do them. I could be wrong but I beleive the stiff back version gets more hamstrings than the rounded back version. You can also play around with the width of your stance to get the most out of your hamstrings. It also sounds like your bending your knees too much, you might want to try keeping them as straight as possible(without locking them out) so that your hamstrings are being stretched during the movement.

Unfortunatlly there is no such thing as spot reduce training if your butt is getting to large from deadlifts. I would suggest you to stop doing them and just go with the leg curls that way you have less of a gluete work out. If you feel that you need another exercise to work more of the hamstring I would suggest you pick up the latest issue of testosterone although I was superised that he did not include swiss ball hamsting curls…