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Do Resistance Bands Help?


I was just wondering what the real benifits of resistance bands are? The reason I ask is the I have been forced to take a couple months off the gym, due to knee injury and was thinking maybe a month befor I go back do some sort of band training.

I have been trying to get info to see if bands help you have better recruitment of motor units or make the mind muscle connection better but havent really had any luck, all I keep getting how the work well for speed, which I belive is better motor recruitment but a diffrent sort as I have read.

Could someone if possible shine a light on this please!


Bands are just variable resistance. Using them by themselves is better than nothing, but not optimal.

I honestly have no idea how it would help motor recruitment, all I can say is that most guys never got huge from resistance band training.

Btw, are you in a wheel chair or something? I'm not seeing why you are "forced" to take time off.


Better than nothing. But there is still plenty you could do in the gym while your knee recovers.


Na I am not in a wheel chair, the reason why I have to take the time is is due to the fact I cant drive to the gym, I norm walk, which is 3 mile from my house and I cant walk very far as due to either a torn cartilage or ligiment "doc best guest until sacn results come through". I also I cnt do any steated stuff due to the back pain the knee has caused.


Might be worth getting a TRX type thing if you can't bear the time off?


I popped my collar bone a few months back. Couldnt do any pressing movements or anything with the shoulderfor that matter.

Bands kept me loose, moving and sane.

I also use them for centuries. JW talked about it for his lats.


For my knee injury years ago, I did a lot of water running. FYI


Bands overload the top of the movement more then the bottem. Without resistance from another source (eg weights)the resistance at the bottom of a movement will be minimal. This is why it would not be optimal. I do agree that it is better than nothing but I think you should look at other options as well. I am not going to suggest anything as I know nothing about knee injuries.


Then don't comment on what you don't know. Bands, TRX, balls, etc are tools. After you have had a few surgeries and re coup time, you understand how great they are when lifting even the pink dumbbells hurt.


Good point and I shall take my que to exit the thread


Thanks for the input, glad to see you know where I am coming from. By the way this may sound stupid, but who is JW?

I have just started to do a bit of swimming a water sprints today, which have helped alot, so thanks for that as well.


Ha I know this one :slightly_smiling: JW is Jim Wendler.


My Bad, for some reason could not make the connection, even worst I was reading one of his articles today.

How stupid do I feel!


Your doc would probably have some insight as to what would be best. Most Orthos know a thing or 2 about strength training and he would certainly know what would be best in regards to your injury. You should call his office and ask for suggestions regarding PT.


Yer, I am going to see the doc monday to see the results of the mri. So I will as him then what I am going to be able to do; just seem atm everything is cause me pain.