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Do Professional Athletes Workout Multiple Times a Day?


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I used to work a sedentary 9am-5pm office job but got laid off recently and likewise, back into fitness! That said, I often feel like working out even after my post-workout meal! Now, regular 9-5er’s may not be able to afford doing heavy workout twice a day, but how about professional athletes, e.g., strongmen? If that’s their profession, then it seems they have the entire day to train!


Yes. Often professional athletes will have multiple sessions during the day. For example skills in the am and a gym session in the pm.

In your case I would recommend to concentrate on finding employment again.



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Arnold when he was getting ready for Mr Olympia and Mr Universe I think worked out mornings, took a big lunch, and then did a few more hours in the afternoon, though someone else (Columbu?) would just go home, and that’s one reason he never beat Arnie. I forget where I heard this.

I was laid-off last summer and I used to weight lift once and then cardio once or twice a day. That’s still only 2-3 hours a day. I was feeling really good, too. I still had plenty of time to look for jobs and, well, eventually got one.


Not really answering the question but gym workers hate people who sit in the gym all day or come in twice a day. I’d focus on being busy with life over spending for several hours a day.


I don’t understand that. I have off days and will sometimes come in the morning and do my main training, and come back later that day and do some easy conditioning since my family is still at work/school. Sounds like the gym workers in the gym you’re about to inherit just have a bad attitude


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In your case I would recommend to concentrate on finding employment again.

I work as a software engineer in San Francisco / Silicon Valley, which – having done a bit of research – seems a lot more lucrative (salary/income-wise) than the “strongman” profession (especially, the “natural” kind, possibly, as I do not want to take steroids). Also, I can’t really say I’m the “best of the best” either! (probably far from it!)

So, in summary, sadly I have to agree — the point at which my advancement would suggest multiple workouts a day is the point at which I won’t be able to sustain the 9am-5pm schedule my job would essentially require. Granted — yes, it’s possible to work as a “freelance” programmer on one’s own schedule — but there’s a lot more $$$ at the large software companies!

Yup, gotta get back into the workforce! There’s probably some option to do a non-heavy “morning” workout before work, and do the heavy one in the evening, but it’s probably not going to be as optimal as the “you have the whole day to eat and workout at whatever schedule you desire” type training.


Very few professional strongman actually have strongman as their profession. Most still work jobs to support competition.


Very common. Typically however it is not 2 heavy sessions in 1 day (although depending on the sport and time of season it may be the case). It’s quite normal to see a skill workout (e.g. basketball practice) and a weight workout in the same day, and also pretty common to see some kind of conditioning work (sprints, agility, regular cardio, swimming, whatever) and strength training in the same day.

In the short term if multiple daily workouts keep you energized and focused I say do it! Best of luck entering the work force again with a different company.


I mean people who come in do about two hours of arms leaving a mess then come back later once its tidied then do chest and leave another mess. Its just a question of coming in twice and making a mess leaving plates around that is annoying for them.


isn’t the problem there just that they’re dicks? If they “sit in the gym all day or come in twice a day” but treat the place with respect, surely there’s no issue? Surely guys who spend an hour a day in the gym being dicks are worse than someone who was in the gym all day being respectful?

I’ve worked in gyms and I find your statements here to be very strange.


Yeah that’s generally the point I’m making. People who are in for four hours tend to normally treat the gym like shit and make a mess while those who are there for a hour tidy up normally. [quote=“Yogi1, post:11, topic:229725”]
isn’t the problem there just that they’re dicks?

Yep and normally those who come in twice are unemployed or “looking” for work and are dicks, hence the unemployment.


well my experience has been totally different.

Also, your views on unemployment are wild too, but this thread is neither the time nor the place.


Oooooh, yeah that’s a different story haha. Asshats that leave a mess and expect others to clean it up are shitty. Coming in and doing that twice a day is fucked


It was fairly common in football to have two a days in the spring. But, as several have pointed out, one workout is more skill based and one more strength based typically. The first week of spring training may be two conditioning workouts a day, but typical template is skill for one and weights or conditioning for the other.


train harder/heavier then!

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