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Do Peptides Work?

Hello to all im seeing on lots of fourms people talking about Peptides mainly to lose bf but i wanted to know can it be used in a bulk ?

Is it safe to use , somepeople say there are no sides others that there are but dont say what kind , so are there ?


yes, but they’re not the same as AAS.

read up on GHRP6 and CJC MOD GRF.

rds63799 could you passme the link since there is lots of info on GHRP6 and CJC MOD GRF ?

I’ve sent you a PM

i am also interested in peptides, but there are so many different ways as well as combos out there,

i was wondering if i could bother u guys for a link to the info u guys are reading as well?

any info would be greatly appreciated!

Ive read as much as I can HGH FRAGMENT CJC 1293 GHRP-2 AND etc 6.not sure which would be best for me,im just done dealing surgery and got some weight to lose before my next fight,so I was wondering which you would recommend for a fighter about to lose some weight,get in fighting shape to as a helping tool I know its not a wonder drug so many seem for peptides so many against…for the record I am on TRT 100mg a week no HCG .thank you very much