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Do Peptides Work as Well as GH?

Supposedly, MK 677 and some other peptides can increase HGH significantly.

Is there a big difference between taking these and HGH? They seem much cheaper and easier.

If they were comparable then nobody would be paying the sky high prices of growth.


How far off, then? Are the gh peptides even worth using?

Idk man. There’s a pretty good thread about growth currently. Find your post in pharma, and then literally scroll down like 3 posts. Might find some info

Do you still hear about MK 677 anymore? It was the rage a few years ago. I did them for a few months. I didn’t notice anything.

I’ve never heard a direct comparison, like x MK677 = 1iu of GH.

MK 677 definitely felt like it had some GH stimulating properties, like fat loss despite an increased appetite. I never felt any miraculously sped up healing properties, or significantly quicker noticeable recovery from workouts.

Ive taken mk-677

Definitely worked for me, i had to take it at night and that gave me the benefit of better sleep, also felt like i recovered better.
Still sometimes take it when i feel like i have a slight injury.

However the hunger for me was insane. Id wake up like a bear coming out of hibernation.

Not sure about this but did read one of the benefits of mk-677 is it wont suppress your own hgh release.

I haven’t taken hgh so cant compare the two

Peptides are shit compared to the real thing. Period.

CJC/Ipa did nothing for me. Tes/Ipa raised IGF-1 above range and had some benefits. Not sure how different 1-2iu HGH would be. But certainly 4iu GH is better than any peptide

Yes there is definitely a major difference between both, for example you inject hgh but take a pill mk-677 which has bad effects on liver/kidneys, or comparing a test booster at walmart verse a real injection on test.

Hymm, I didn’t take mk-677. I injected a Sermorelin mixture. It was 3 things in the mixture. So when I said I didn’t notice anything, I wasn’t taking mk-677. And if I remember correctly, my lab number did not exceed the range while injecting in mixture.

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Id rather use the “real thing”, but its next to impossible to find a Dr. in my area that will prescribe HGH.

But Dr. Internet is everywhere…


True, but when you dont even know much about that…