Do people here really think im an idiot?

I see that avoids roids doesnt like me because i make little comments such as “im the greatest” and shit like that… its too bad you dont know me in person cuz youd just laugh because of my tone of voice… im really not an asshole… i just sound like one cuz you cant hear or see me say the things i say. i apologize if i offended anyone by sounding arrogant or conceited… im only half conceited… my other half is fun and loving… whoo!

Nah Spencer, no probs. Now go read Cy Willson’s “Your Doctor, your Dealer” and get some Zoloft. Lata.

"MB Eric: Practicing pain without a license since 1862."


I think everybody knows you’re just messing around when something you say is just over the top. Like when I say to my friends “…because I’m such a brilliant math genius…” they know I’m just joking. A little.

Exactly Eric and Natey, besides, Avoids Roids doesn’t like anyone in here. HHMMMMmmm ZOLOFT

I always took it as a bit sarcastic, never really thought you as conceited. Just my two cents.

don’t worry about avoids roids.

thanx guys and gals… you know sometimes i like to toot my own horn… its just for grins… dont get your panties all up in a bunch. hehehee

Personally Spencer, I have to agree with Avoids…you’re a complete jerk, and if I ever met you I’d take your state championship trophy and shove it straight up your…

Nah, just kiddin’ with ya.

Spencer! People think you’re arrogant? How the hell could anyone have come up with that? You my friend are the epitome of humility.

Spencer, I don’t think you’re an idiot … but I would like to see you take a crash course in the USE OF APOSTROPHES!!! (Whew. I feel better now.)

Spencer, i think your a lot like me. I kid around a lot and because of the way i look people think im arrogant. I know im just playing as im sure you are, but thats what people see. you have to be really careful how you come off. You look different than everyone else so you get the great gift of living by a different set of rules. Its something you have to learn to live with. And i saw your picture a while ago and remember saying damn hes gonna be a big summamabitch. I do think you could lift the poundages you stated in the other thread. but whenever i hear some high school kid can do this or that i question it. I saw a kid this weekend that was huge. i know hes stronger than me and hes only 16. But ive also seen some people who say they did this or that and i just know they didnt. If you can bench 300 pounds your gonna at least look like you work out. i mean come on. Whenever some 165lb high school guy says he benches 300+, i wanna puke. IMO, only guys that are like 5ft or have been powerlifting for a few years can do that. If your in high school and bench that much you better be either a freak, bridging, or carrying some weight.

Spence, ya dirty dogg you, I got nuttin’ but love for ya, bro…I try to come off the same way sometimes…just try to keep the T-Peeps honest and have some fun…throw out some nicknames, give ‘em some props, throw ‘em a bone, pull their chain…it’s all good, bro. You’re doin’ aight, kid…keep bustin’ ass, let us know how much butt you’re kickin’ in the classroom, the weight room, the grid iron and the mat.

FYI a few years back we had a football player that one that benched 500 lbs at my highschool, i am sure he juiced, but still.

Don’t sweat it. Sometimes it can be really hard to get across the nuances of humour, I see some of the things I post and they seem strange and dorky… heck I am strange and dorky!! It’s better to have an opinion than none at all,

Hey Bro I was just running with the trend everyone was being sarcastic so i also send a couple jabs. Besides i take the good info in here serious but what people think of me?? Nah its All for shitz and giggles my friend so hey chill we cool bro!! and hey id say you had a problem if you werent a little conceited at your age and talent.

I think your a nice guy Spencer. You just come across as a bit insecure. Learn from constructive criticism instead of fighting it. I like everybody…especially that fag Michelle. Lol. Just kidding guy. However. I really do dislike racist moronic mental maturbators such as Jason Baloney. I would enjoy teaching him some humility. ARRRRRGGGGH.

Um, Michelle is a woman. I’m suspecting you are getting her confused with Mitchell.

hey, spence…i get the same shit sometimes too. i routinely make little cracks about how wonderful i am and how everybody wishes they could be me. if you know me and my sense of humor you know that i am just saying it to get a laugh and an occassional “oh, puleeze”. my wife gets a kick out of it. it’s hard to portray that kind of silliness over the web, but hey, now that we know your brand of humor we can roll with it big guy. kevo