Do People Get Gyno on Cycle or During PCT/Post PCT?

Its not common that those on TRT get gyno; something typically reserved for those who Blast/cycle. But I’ve been learning more about gyro and what causes it. seems its an imbalance in T/E ratio rather than just having above-range E2. Wouldnt this typically be more common during a drop in testosterone, while E2 stays elevated; something that most often happens during PCT? or after PCT

There is only one way to get gyno. Your E2 and prolactin have to be over range for an extended period of time. We are talking for more than 6 months.

This is absolutely true if your TRT is under a good hormone doctor. You won’t get gyno.
However we have so many DIY so called TRT experts that want to pick and chose without blood tests. An when their world blows up they blame TRT when it was them all along.

This is how my old trainer got it, after his cycle

Did he use a SERM?

I don’t think so. He didn’t suggest any to me when he gave me my first cycle


It can happen organically without exogenous help. When I was a kid going through puberty I went to my doctor for pain behind my nipples. Back then it was disregarded as hormones. As an adult now researching AAS, that was gyno as my testosterone started to increase. Not an uncommon story and makes me more prone as an adult.

Interesting about this post, I was using SERM and mild AI this cycle. All went well. Went off and back to TRT and felt I had a flare up I wasn’t expecting with low dose.

Both times I have gotten gyno have been post cycle from my test levels dropping much faster than my estrogen levels. The first time it went away on its own once everything leveled out. The second time I used Nolva to get rid of it. In fact I am still running the nolva (probably have 7 days left) and the gyno was completely gone as of a day or two ago.

This does not include the puberty gyno I got as a teenager. That has never gone away and it is a HUGE lump, but the way it sits at the bottom of my pec make it barely noticeable when I am not flexed.

I agree but don’t you think it was still over the top E2 and prolactin that caused the gyno? Gyno in fat HS kids are usually way overweight and eat a poor diet. Their body fat alone will make a ton of E2. Lack of exersize dropped their T and they probably eat nothing in the B vitamin area to control the prolactin.

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I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would imagine it is the same mechanism that causes puberty gyno. I was a FAT kid so I feel very certain that’s how I got mine.

In 2017 I had been on TRT with my PCP for 2 years.
My protocol was 1 tube of T jell a day. My pcp only tested my blood once for the preliminary diagnosis I was hypogonadal. An again after complaining my nipples were swollen and hard there was a little pain.

Here was that 2nd blood test.

I could see it in his face he knew he F’d up. He stopped my TRT treatment and I called a lawyer. In late 2017 I had a lypo-type of surgery to remove tissue from behind my nipples. I then found a real TRT Clinic and have never felt better. I have no idea how long my E2 and prolactin were over range. My protocol never changed so I am guessing over a year. After all of that I blood test at least 4 times a year and advocate blood testing to all asking questions here on this forum.

Yes absolutely. Those factors alone will cause it and AAS will make them out of whack. I was lean with abs as a teenager. I’ve seen some skinny dudes rocking some very puffy nipples unfortunately. Hits every one differently, which is why this great forum exists. I can tell you I’ve order caber and tamoxifen for this next tren A blast just to be safe!

That’s how I got it. Doc even pointed it out and said ‘hope they’re not making fun of you for it too bad’ and i said ‘actually, they are’ and he just shrugged. Knowing what I know now, I wish I would’ve pressed more on fixing it then