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Do People Aromatize at Different Rates?

Do some people aromatize at an insane rate? I am on 400mg a week of test e. About 40 mg of anavar a day. I’m in week 4 and started noticing E2 side effects about a week ago. Just added Arimidex 4 days ago. Took 1mg first day. Started feeling better. Took 1.25mg second day. That night I felt like I dropped my E2 a hair low. Next day I didnt take anything started feeling great in the evening. Today, day 4, I can tell my E2 is getting high again. Bloat, soft erections, so I took .25mg. I definitely feel like I need another .25mg, at least. Does anybody else struggle keeping their E2 under control? Any tips? My body fat could be the culprit. I have abs and I’m in great cardio shape but I’m definitely in the 20 something percent range for bf.

The answer is yes. People have different levels of aromatase depending on age, body composition and gender.
You gave yourself the answer, since high body fat (you said over 20%) is responsible for aromatisation. I’d always advice to not cycle at a high body fat percentage since it will increase the risks for gyno and other unpleasant sides as well as hindering your gains since the caloric surplus won’t be used as effectively.

Here an abstract you should read:


I have never used other than couple of nolva and arimistane, even 2600mg test/week i was using nothing to fight gynegomastia, and no pct ever.
No bitch tits and tenderness and never have impotence after cycle or massive weight reduction, under 3 weeks normal feeel.
I suppose that estrogens not affecting me at all?

Seems you’re lucky. Do you have bloods before and after cycle? I’d be interested in how well you recovered.

Post a pic of yourself. I’d love to see what someone that ran 2600mg of test a week looks like now.


That was 2 decades ago, now just starting to get back again after major overtraining and navel hernia operation, only 118 kg now(260 pounds) i should be weight 290+ after 12 week cycle.

All bloods are fine, i think thats a miracle after what shit i have put to my body D

I’m starting cyp, npp, and anadrol in 2 weeks (yes, I know that cyp and npp basically make no sense based upon ester length, but it seems no one around here makes deca). Anyway, I’m not horribly high in BF%, but not 10% either. I have aromasin on hand as well as nolvadex. I’ve read that anadrol is not fully understood in terms of how it aromatizes. It doesn’t increase estrogen, but does something else? Either way, aromasin should keep the water slop off and nolva will be used at the first sign of any gyno symptoms.

I think the most popular theory is that a metabolite acts directly on estrogen receptors. I don’t think anyone has proven this though.

I have heard that AI won’t do much for drol gyno, but Nolva will, so you have a good strategy.

Thanks so much for this response. It explained so much. I’m going to work on lower the BF asap. I’m seriously taking .5 to .75 mg of Adex daily at the moment. It is making me feel great keeping my estrogen under control. But, from what I’ve read, that’s an insane amount. Hopefully, losing some fat will lower my aromatization.

With no AI at all, I usually started to feel high E symptoms around week 6 at 400mg test only so I don’t think 4 weeks is outrageously high. I can definitely say it was worse when I carried more fat, though.

FYI…My E2 bloodwork is always within range at 6.25mg exemestane 2x per week on 400ish Test but ymmv. I’m usually 15% bf or a little less.

Yes. If you have the Anavar for it then drop down to 150mg Test and up the Anavar to 75mg/day and you’ll be roughly where you wanted to be in terms of total dose and shouldn’t need an AI anymore once your levels have dropped down from the higher test dose. This may shorten your cycle if you were planning to run over 10ish weeks unless you’re getting blood work to keep an eye on your liver & kidney health.