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Do People Actually Buy Steroids Online?


So its actually possible to buy them online and expect to receive them in the mail?


In Australia? highly unlikly.


while its harder its still lots of ways around their more aggressive customs

yes op people buy EVERY drug imaginable from meth/lsd to steroids online and they have been doing it for over a decade.


yeah bought lots of fake stuff online that i dident know was fake and it got through customs.


Are there any other aussie members here in the steroid forum?


Lol, I thought that was pretty much the only way


A friend had customs show up at his house from buying shit online. Nothing major ever came of it, but he did lose some money.


i don't know about Aussie .........but people are usually successful with it here


this is very common in the online scene if you don't get outright fake gear your guaranteed to get weak gear almost always-how weak depends on source- its just the reality of the game unless you have access to high quality pharmacy most sources make their own from powders. This is true with almost any drug though quality is never perfect unless you have connections to a very legit pharmacy.

I would avoid websites although some are good the best sources are much more careful and use email only from secure email source, and deal with only wu or other secure payment methods. The very best sources are private and deal with bulk but there are many sources who resell from these guys.

Be careful I've noticed with steroids more then any other drug online has the most scammers and fake product. Its pretty easy to make your own gear or sell fake gear so many do it. I'd be very careful with what you inject into your body is what I"m saying. Make sure the source has credible feedback from vets and if possible get gear lab tested.

This is NOT a source board though, discussing steroids in general is dangerous for a board thats why bb.com had to get rid of there steroid section so try to keep source discussion out but those are just a few tips-find good source board, avoid websites with insecure payment methods, make sure source has credible feedback, if possible lab test what you get- Guys who have been in this game for over a decade are very careful and not quite out in the open so if you find them through google or something chances are probably not the best or chance of getting scammed.