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Do Other Compounds Show Up as Test on Bloodwork?


May be a dumb question, but I did a bit of searching and couldn't find an answer. I am on TRT but would also like to cycle in the future. I got "caught" while cycling sust when my doc ordered surprise labs and my T came back (of course) off the charts. He didn't accuse me of anything and is willing to continue treatment, but I'm sure he knows what's up and if this happens again might cut me off.

So using more than my TRT dose (200mg/wk) is out for me, for the time being. But since my T stays in the 800-1000 range on this dose, and can't be shut down from any other compounds since it's exogenous anyway, I still think I could reap some benefits from cycling other compounds. Tren and Dbol to be specific.

So, simple question, will non-testosterone compounds show up as T on labs? My hunch is no, since chemically they aren't T, but I don't know that for sure.

I guess the alternative is to come off official TRT and just "blast/cruise" on my own, but I don't have a reliable source yet so I don't consider that an option at this time.

Thanks guys.


this may or may not help you.

I think tren would be a wise choice as it does not aromatize and would go well with the minimal amount of test you are able to "sneak" by with.

I am not a doctor but I play one on tv. Sry couldnt resist, but I seriously am not a TRT expert but think that trenbolone shouldn't affect your T level for your next screening. If you havent found a reliable source though, how did you plan on getting your Tren ? Fina-H?


Thanks for that link, lots of info there!

I mainly looked at Tren because it's the only "real" gear I can get cheaply and guaranteed (by homebrewing from Fina.) I blew some money on fake DBol and I'm not eager to repeat that. I know it's preferable to run more than 200mg of Test with any cycle, but at least this amount will keep me from being shut down while I enjoy the benefits of other compounds.