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Do Not Use Epassporte!

These fucking scumbags have held my money in limbo since January 12. I was having problems logging into my account and called customer service. I’ve contacted them numerous times to hurry this process up but to no avail. I have been FLAT OUT LIED to by 3 people there. They said it would be put into the system as an prority case and that would mean it would be handled and rectified within 24 hours. Well that was Monday of last week. Then it was Thursday of last week and once again I tried it on Monday for this week. Still no solution.

If you need to make a transaction with any of the internet “middle men” stay way away from Epassporte. Their support center doesnt have a clue what they’re doing and they will flat out lie to you in order to string you along.

All they have to do is change my email address…and this has taken almost 2 weeks to do! Stay clear of these scumbags!

For the uneducated, such as myself, please explain what service the scumbags are supposed to be doing for you.

They are like PayPal if you’ve ever used Ebay. Its an internet middle man so people do not have access to your account information (banking, credit, etc) when you make an online purchase.

Found this report on Epassporte at the Better Business Bureau’s website: