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Do Not Think I Am Shut Down

This may be an odd question but I am on week 9 of 160mg a week. When I started the doctor prescribed HCG as well. He said it would prevent painful testicular atrophy, increase well being, and prevent a decrease in semen volume. I did not take any of the HCG and at week 9 I have noticed nothing different about the size of my testicles. It also seems like my semen volume has increased significantly since starting TRT. I also notice when having sex my testicles are still churning around like pre trt.

Is it possible to not be completely shut down from TRT? Or am I shut down and this is just how my body responds? I have my blood work in 3 weeks so i guess i will truly find out then. I am just looking to see how you all responded ?

You’re shut down.

Volume is not primarily from the testes so being shut down wont affect that a lot.

This is great news. Usually we here the opposite. Wonder what your labs will show.

Not to hijack the thread but what are other options beside HCG to get volume back up. If i come off trt will it reverse back to original volume?