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DO NOT Do Pullovers on a Swiss Ball!!!!

I’m in my living room playing with my kettlebells and after I bang through the normal cleans, presses, snatches, swings, etc. I decide to do a little chest work. Normally this consists of some unilateral floor presses and some pullovers lying on the floor. Well, I decided to grab my swiss ball, since I was in the house and not outside and do some presses on the ball - obviously that was fine.

Well, then I decide to do some pullovers on the swiss ball. I get into the starting position and everything is fine and then I start to let the 36 lb kettlebell fall back and all of the sudden, I’m completely off balance. My feet leave the ground and I’m trying to get back into control and not let the kbell fall into my guitar or slam into the coffee table. I roll right off the ball while the bell bounces off me and falls to the ground barely missing my bookshelf.


Learned a little lesson on center of gravity and balance, did we? I’m glad the precious guitar was spared! That would have been a crushing blow to your heart as well as the guitar!
If you have a heavy couch, perhaps you could hook your feet under that next time.

Sorry, but I’m just laughing my ass off right now. The mental picture is just oo much…

Yowza… Don’t feel bad, I had a similar experience trying to do weighted pre-stretch crunches on a swiss ball… definitely gotta hook those toes under something.

lol that was funny but don’t worry about it I did the same thing when I first started doing pullovers on the swiss ball.

But thats the whole point is the swiss ball will throw you off balance. I have worked up to 70lbs pullover w/ the swiss ball.

At least the guitar was saved!

its always best to anchor your feet if doing a movement like that on a Swiss Ball. In faith, Coach Davies

hahah, oh man the mental image you gave was great. i had a similar experience the first time i tried to do a handstand pushup in my living room. almost knocked over my television and stereo.

Twice i have been sitting on my Walmart Swiss Ball and have had my cat bust my ball. It happens so fast that you dont know what has happened until its too late. makes for quite the story however.

next time keep your bodyweight on your side of the ball, like keep your ass down and legs bent, and don’t lower the weight all the way. theoretically (with teh execption fo teh rolling) if youw net to far and didn’t ahve your wieght on yoru side the same thingc oudl happen ona bench (not exactly, but close). also when yo8u usue swiss balls you have to lower the weight. i found that out with dumbell bench presses.

Jason- GREAT start of a possible interesting thread describing people’s “home workout bloopers”!

I remember a few years ago in my old appt trying to do some improv pike-chins on a solid (I thought!) wood beam in the kitchen. Needless to say, beam broke, and I landed seriously heavily on my coccyx. MAN that hurts!! Couldn’t sit down comfortably for a week. (and my G/F had a chick-fit:-)).

Anyone else? SRS

Sure, I’d love to hear some home workout blunders - I’ve got to think that somebody’s dropped a dumbell or something through their floor or have had other fun swiss ball blunders.

Glad I could provide some comic relief :slight_smile: