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Do Natural Test Boosters Acctually Work???


I am trying to increase my T levels naturally, they are at 400 range, which is pretty low for my age (22). Do natural test boosters work?? If so which ones would be the best and if not be honest so I can save my money! haha


About 1.5 years ago I was taking Tribulus.
Waste of money and does nothing for testosterone. I confirmed this after taking Tribulus for 4 months. Prior to taking it I had my Testosterone tested. After 4 months had it tested again.
There was absolutely no change at all, so save your money and don't buy this.

They say, exercising,having lower fat levels, not smoking/alcohol all help in raising testosterone. This is basically my life style and it is at the same level as you, also would like it higher.

So if there are methods of raising it naturally (that work) I would like to hear it too.


Thanks i exercise, eat high protein, low carb, dont drink or smoke and I really would like my test levels a lot higher considering im only 22


Please read the stickies as a start in understanding these things. Note basic labwork recommendations in the lab work sticky.

Post what lab results you have, WITH ranges.

Are you taking any Rx or OTC meds? Please list.
Any health issues?
Guts/digestion concerns?
Get cold easily? How/when changed?
Run out of energy during the day? When?
When do you feel T levels started to drop?
Are you a hairy beast or otherwise?
Describe facial hair.
Any history with pro-hormones, gear or internet junk?
Any history of a hair loss drug?
Have your testes changed, hang differently, ache now, ached ever during a fever?
Extreme low calorie diets, over training?
Changed sugar or salt cravings?
Changed thirst?


Always come back to this sticky, we need all of your 'case' in one spot.
Do not drop your cases into the threads of others, respect their 'cases'
Do not post into the stickies. Ask questions in your thread.


Testosterone, Total, Reference Ranges:
0 - 5 months 75 - 400 ng/dL
6 months - 9 years <10 - 20 ng/dL
10 - 11 years <10 - 130 ng/dL
12 - 13 years <10 - 180 ng/dL
14 years <10 - 1200 ng/dL
15 - 16 years 100 - 1200 ng/dL
17 - 18 years 300 - 1200 ng/dL

=19 years 240 - 950 ng/dL***************<<<<
0 - 5 months 20 - 80 ng/dL
6 months - 9 years <10 - 20 ng/dL
10 - 11 years <10 - 44 ng/dL
12 - 16 years <10 - 75 ng/dL
17 - 18 years 20 - 75 ng/dL
=19 years 8 - 60 ng/dL
Tanner Stages Males Females
Stage I <10 - 20 <10 - 20 ng/dL
Stage II 8 - 66 <10 - 47 ng/dL
Stage III 26 - 800 17 - 75 ng/dL
Stage IV 85 - 1200 20 - 75 ng/dL
Stage V 300 - 950 12 - 60 ng/dL

GLUCOSE 52 60 - 99 MG/DL
SODIUM 141 133 - 145 MEQ/L
POTASSIUM 4.0 3.5 - 5.3 MEQ/L
CHLORIDE 103 98 - 108 MEQ/L
CO2 29 23 - 32 MEQ/L
BUN 17 7 - 23 MG/DL
CREATININE 1.1 0.6 - 1.3 MG/DL
TOTAL PROTEIN 7.1 6.1 - 7.9 GM/DL
ALBUMIN 4.3 3.5 - 5.5 GM/DL
CALCIUM 10.0 8.5 - 10.3 MG/DL
SGOT 28 0 - 41 IU/L
SGPT 21 0 - 63 IU/L

Use to have a lot of digestion problems/diarrhea chronically, but has stop over past three months or so

No health issues/ no RX or OTC meds

Can get cold pretty easily in the morning when I wake up

Run out of energy usually in the last 15 minutes of my workouts...my workouts only last up to an hour for lifting days...

Also run out of energy throughout the day if I don't take caffeine.

I felt like my T levels have started to drop in 2009 after my junior year of football...felt like I have a lot less energy and it seems to only get worse since then...also erections seem to not be as frequent

I have no hair whatsoever on my body..Even my arms and legs barley have any hair..

Can hardly grow any facial hair, only grows around the upper lip and chin

Calories have been high if anything/days when I don't lift I try to make them a little bit lower...

age 22 weight 215lbs (was 233 in the summer....) Height 72 inches


Your low hair indicates that you have always been a low T guy. So your relative T drop is not as high as for a hairy guys.

In terms of facial bone structure, facial and body hair, height... how are you different from father or brothers? And history of acne.

Any concussions with football? Blows to the head can damage the pituitary. However, from above, T was never high. Similar concerns for auto accidents etc.

Your serum glucose is low. That can lead to a lack of energy or not feeling well. Did you fast and train before lab work?

How does your body and mind react to major stress?

If you test LH and FSH and they are high, then your testes are the problem, if low, the hypothalamus and pituitary are at the root of things.

Read the posts of others and see how things progress.

Gonadotropin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gonadotropin
Read the above and follow links in the article too.

Steroidogenesis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steroidogenesis#Steroidogenesis

Steroid_hormone: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steroid_hormone

Do you have health insurance?
Working? Student?

No cholesterol data?

Any EFA's in your diet? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essential_fatty_acid

What took you to the doctor in the first place?

Digestion problems can lead to some vitamin deficiencies. You do not take any vitamins at all.

Where are you located? How much does your skin get exposed to sunlight? Do you feel run down in the last of the winter season?

Depression? Panic attacks?

Please to no miss questions: Have your testes changed, hang differently, ache now, ached ever during a fever?

When digestion improved: Did you take antibiotics before that? Every used probiotics?

Where do you carry fat and how has this changed? Changed over last 6 months?


Father can grow more facial hair then me, my older brother can grow the most out of all of us, and my oldest brother can grow the same amount as me, overall body hair mine has to be the lowest...dad is 6'3 oldest brother 6'1..other brother 6'2

No concussions reported during football, but I played from 4th grade to college level so I have been whacked in the head A LOT and saw stars a lot while playing football..constant headaches during the year which is normal for any football player

I did have a normal glucose level on my previous test before that one, so I am not concerned about having a low one on that one..could of been from fasting because I had tonsil problems where I could not eat much..

Reactions to major stress I get really nervous and have a lot of anxiety...

I have health insurance and I am still currently a student

I take a multi vitamin everyday

CHOLESTEROL 185 120 - 200 MG/DL
(this lipid panel is from 2009) Test results were 2010

I take a whole bunch of fish oils, and also eat walnuts for fatty acids

I wanted to see where my test levels were at because I have been getting real tired during my workouts

Chicago haven't got exposure to sunlight in a while!

No depression or panic attacks

I use to have the right teste hang noticeably lower then the left..I have noticed it doesn't hang as much as before..I have gotten checked for testicular cancer and they could not find anything just to be safe....

Yes I was on a bunch of antibiotics for my tonsils I had to get them removed too over the summer..never took probiotics

Fat is in the gut area and in the obliques and back....it has always been this way



I'm in Chicago too, and there won't be any sun around here 'til March!!

Could Klinefelter's syndrome me a culprit in this case KSman?