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Do Myths Even Lift? T-ransformation Log

A’ight Broseppe’s, this is my official before photo and entry into the contest that I will never win because I really have no mass and am going to end up way too skinny to win.

I started cutting a few weeks ago so this picture is from November 11th, 2016 when I was 194 pounds at 15% body fat according to my scale.

This is no pump, no flex - relaxed.

I don’t anticipate doing a lot of updates here, I will keep my regular log going at https://forums.t-nation.com/t/the-pursuit-of-mythical-gains/214529

But, I’ll probably drop a few updates, maybe some progress pics.

Good luck everybody!

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I’m sorry sir, but I have already sewed up last place in this contest. You will have to fight me for it :laughing:

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You have to post photos to enter… Unless you’re pulling a yogi.

I have the same fear. I’ve always been tall and thick. My wife told me I am “looking skinny and Abercrombie modelish” she will never understand how much that hurt me. :sob:


What? A Yogi? Are you calling me out?

“I have the same fear. I’ve always been tall and thick. My wife told me I am “looking skinny and Abercrombie modelish” she will never understand how much that hurt me. :sob:

That makes three of us


Awwww yeah, @The_Myth already looking lean to start! Can’t wait to see your progress man, will be following along here and on your training log!

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Two things:

  1. I don’t see it - feel like a fat bastard.
  2. Is it a good thing to start lean?

With respect to number 1, I know it’s my former fat bastard talking to me. With respect to number two, based on my calcs, to get to around eight percent, which is where I think I need to be, at least (depending on the mirror of course), I figure I’ll end up about 170 which won’t be very competitive.

But, after I get there, I plan on a very slow, clean surplus to add some quality mass over a long period of time.

Seem reasonable, or am I bat shit crazy?

BTW, below are my weekly averages for weight and body fat from 11-16 to now.

11-27 188.7@13.9%
12-4 188.4@13.9%
12-11 188.3@13.8%
12-18 184.7@13.4%
12-25 185.3@13.3%
1-1 183.9@13%
1-8 183.7@13%

It seems like I am losing less lbm as a percentage as I get lighter and I hope it continues.

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I got a selfie stick at a Christmas party, kind of the booby prize, but I used it today for some progress pics.

Beginning to see some changes, other than just getting small, lol.


Some nice legs there mate.

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  1. I feel ya, it’s hard to be objective. Another great reason to take consistent progress pics so you can evaluate how things are going. I think you’re looking good man, especially those latest pics you posted!

  2. Regarding starting leaner, I think if the goal is to diet and cut fat, yeah, it’s much easier to lose something like 10-15 pounds than 25-30, no doubt about it.

I think after you finish cutting, you’ll be surprised at how “big” you look. Nothing makes you look big like being cut!

Seems very reasonable and like a solid plan. I had a lot of success in the off season slowly adding cals and mass, getting my maintenance cals up while staying leaner than ever. If you have the patience to do it, it’s a great idea and will work well!

Definitely, the goal of any good diet is to lose fat and hold on to LBM as much as possible. This is where a lot of people go wrong, in an effort to chase the scale they don’t eat enough, or cut too soon. As long as you’re hitting your protein requirements and daily cals, recovering properly, LBM loss should be minimal to nonexistent. Keep it up man!

Yo myth, one old dude to another…I see it like this…I am not competing against all these other peeps, I am competing against myself. The goal is to get as lean as I can in the next 12-16 weeks. If I am able to see it through to the end, I’ll consider that a win.

I am a couple inches shorter than you, but, I will most likely end up around 170 also. Don’t let the number mess with your head. I think you’ll be surprised how a lean 170 can look.

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Nine weeks into it, feels like longer, lol. I have continued to have slow and steady progress, emphasis on slow. Weight and body fat updates below.

1-15-2017 182.75@ 12.9%
1-22-2017 182.7 @ 12.8%

I figure the progress is a little too slow so I’m going to try keto - today will be my third day. I also have been saving cardio for when things got tough, haven’t done any yet so I might start with a day or two of LISS this week. But, I might also just keep things the same to see what the keto does.

Anyway, progress pics all look the same - a little smaller up top, a little more obvious fat around the middle - so I’ll save those for later when there’s more obvious changes.

Honestly, I think I looked better at 190 and 15% but we’ll see how it goes if I can get below ten.


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I know you have been at this a lot longer than I have, but this concerns me. Just a few weeks ago you were woofing down candy bars trying to cram in enough calories.
It’s a long time till June.

I have my calories set at 2200 which should be about a pound per week of weight loss, and I’m hitting the 2200 - it’s a little easier with all of the fat in a keto diet, but harder to menu plan.

I am no longer putting 70 miles a week on my bike, so my caloric requirement has gone way down - I was at 3100 for maintenance.

I’m down about ten pounds in nine weeks and a lot of that had to be water in the first ten days, so I’m losing pretty slowly, five pounds in the last nine weeks.

Based on my BF%, my LBM is holding pretty steady around 160 pounds, so I am losing mostly fat.

I’m pretty conscientious about my diet, so I should be alright.

Make sense? Anything you think I am missing?

As long as you don’t get yourself screwed up. It just seemed a little drastic at this point.

Woke up at 179.2 and 12.2% BF, lowest BF ever.

Got a haircut.

Barber: “You’re looking good man, dropping. What do you eat?”

Still just look skinny.


So, trying to convince my wife to go lift with me, this is what I am dealing with.


Same… apparently, cottage cheese legs would have the same appeal.

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Haha, I get similar reactions from my wife!

My wife is actually on week 3 of a plan I put her on…which is 2.5 weeks longer than any other one she has followed. She really doesn’t like barbell work. Doesn’t like setting up benches, j-cup/safety bar height, etc.

So I just put her on a little modified version of this:

And she is really liking it! She has started adding a little extra things to it here and there and asking how she can add some weight to a few of the movements.

She said “I like my body” followed by “I think that is the first time I’ve ever said that”…I may have her hooked!


Week eleven, down another pound for a total loss of twelve pounds.

Weekly average, 180.1 at 12.3% BF.

I’m losing more LBM than I would like so if anybody has any ideas on how to slow that down, I’m all ears.

Weight loss just makes my love handles and loose skin more noticeable. While I’m not happy with that, it’s good to know that I look better at 195 and fifteen percent BF than I do at 180 and twelve. We’ll see how I feel when I get to ten percent.

I had one day at 11.8% - a little dehydrated, but a new low.

Rock on.

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