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Do Muscles Grow Gradually or In Spurts?

Hey Ellington. Over the last maybe 2 to 3 month’s I’ve been pretty much doing 30-10-30 but with a few tweaks do to circumstances (distance between machines, having to share equipment etc). In the first month my arms went from 14.5 inches to 15 inches then no growth for a few weeks then suddenly jumped to 15. No growth for another few weeks then suddenly jumped again to 15.5 inches. No growth again & now it jumped to 15.75 inches & I’m obviously glad to see the improvement. However this leaves me with a few questions.

Is muscle growth gradual? Or does it stop while it’s preparing to grow again if you’ve been doing everything right? Or can it just be that I might of made changes triggering the growth?

Thanks in advance.

Muscle building certainly isn’t linear, especially as you become more advanced. I think you’re experiencing that firsthand. Muscle doesn’t really grow over night, and some of this is just intercellular water going into the muscle to make it appear bigger. If you were to drop carbs, you would pretty quickly notice a decrease in muscle size from losing some of that intercellular water. Just keep training, eating, and sleeping adequately and your body will grow when it’s ready


I remember back in the early 70s my arms had a growth spurt up to 15 and then several years ago I had another spurt and they catapulted up to 151/2 , ha ha!

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I believe it’s the way you’ve just experienced: in spurts.

Probably most of my gains came during my first year of training where it felt steady…then spurts after…some of which calorie related I believe.