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Do Most People Lose Fertility On Cycle?

Hi guys, been lurking around in this forum for a while now. Finally I am going to start trt with some blasts here and there. My question is: is it true that most people lose their fertility meanwhile been able to have sex raw? I know a guy who is on trt and his LH and FSH is not near to 0. Thanks a lot!

No not true. A reduced sperm count is likely. Plenty of pregnancies by guys on gear.

thanks man, will take it into account then :muscle:

Unless you are okay with having a kid, this is not a good strategy. Some get a sperm count that drops to zero, some are just reduced.

Testosterone has actually been studied as a male birth control. It is not approved due to a couple reasons, one being it is not effective enough.

that explains why trestolone was been studied for that purpose, makes sense. :ok_hand: