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Do Most Inject into the Quad or Glute? What Gauge?

Just started TRT again.

I’ve been using a 22 g to inject into my quad. Painful! And of course I would rotate legs week to week. Do most inject into the glute? This dr says it’s preferable to do the quadriceps…does that make any sense? Wouldn’t absorption be the same?

I know it’s a beginner type question…but I had to ask.

I inject into my quad a bit. Also shoulder.

Both i use 30g 1/2’’ insulin needles. Painless.

I like delts & VG. Quad if I want give the other sites a break. 30g 1in

Delt with 29 gauge. Pretty easy and usually painless.

Delt, 30g. Big hell no to quads. Too many nerves and veins.

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Quad is my fav despite many others hatred for it. 25ga 1" pin

Glutes I rotate too. 23ga 1.5"

22ga is bigger than necessary.

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Ass and delt kinda guy here. Quads if I’m feeling a little depressed and need some pain.

I’m doing Quads soley- want to change to delts but I haven’t got around to ordering smaller needles.

I’ll be switching sites up in the new year. Quads e3d with 23g pins is getting painful

Quads 29g - painless and easy, just have to warm the vial before drawing to help it flow easier

That’s the same gauge they used to harpoon whales in Moby Dick.


27G to the quads for me, EOD.