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Do MMA Fighters Bulk?


i was just wondering if guys like Tito Ortiz and all them in the MMA actually bulk then cut, or if they just eat lift and do a shitload of cardio and get big that way.




How would you get big by doing a "shit load of cardio"? I am doing cardio now and I can guarantee that I won't grow much while in the process of doing "a shit load of cardio".

To clarify, I am only bringing this up because I see many people with very little muscle on their frames jumping on the treadmill daily. That's fine if you are trying to lose weight. Overdoing cardio has never put size on anyone.

Either way, bugs answered you. Nearly all athletes have an off season where the focus is either more strength, more size or both.


It totally depends on the individual. Some guys maintain relatively low BF all the time and don't really go through a 'bulking phase' like say a bodybuilder or powerlifter might do. Strength is important in MMA but endurance and technique is even more important. Most of the guys who cycle through 'bulking phases' work on strength training early on but their focus shifts more towards simply maintaining strength while building endurance and practicing technique.


alright, well i was just wonderin cuz right now im doin ABBH I and on the days when i dont lift, i do about 15-20 mins of jump rope. im tryin to add as much muscle as possible and keep my BF at a min.