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Do Meatheads Dream of Iron Sheep?



Bouncing 300 minutes

I’ve only got one more Wednesday before I go back on no-commitment weekend backup, so of course it couldn’t be a smooth night. So much fuckery on every shift lately. People must be sick of winter or something.

No violence, but definitely the strangest scene I’ve probably witnessed. Everyone left the bar and we were wrapping things up and I hear screaming in the parking lot. I go out to see a 6’9" 300 lb guy in his early 20’s screaming at a 3’00" woman who is probably in her 50’s. Another early 20 something guy is screaming at his buddy to stop screaming, but the screaming didn’t stop. I got the giant kid to get into his car but the little lady kept screaming at him and screaming at me that she didn’t care if she went to jail and then screaming something about her grandchildren. Then the kid popped back out of his car and started screaming some more before everyone stopped screaming, got in their car and went home.

I’m not really sure of all the circumstances that led up to this, but it was a very bizarre scene right out of Jerry Springer.

I just want a nice, relaxing shift next week where I just get lots of love from the ladies who are sad to see me leave. The way things are going, I’ll probably get stabbed by a dwarf on PCP or something.


Yeah, don’t underestimate dwarfs.


Fucking dwarves. Watch out for them.


@biker @DaCharmingAlbino So apparently this particular little lady has a real reputation as a firecracker and a trouble-maker. She’s been in on plenty of my shifts but I’ve never had a problem with her. I suppose it is natural for someone who is 3’00" tall to develop a really loud bark and defensive attitudes, but that doesn’t excuse terrible behavior.

The two guys reached out to me right after it all happened to apologize for getting out of hand. I let them know that they still acted like assholes, especially considering the ease with which they could have walked away from someone with 12 inch legs. We’re not sure if they’re getting put in the penalty box yet or not. I’m leaning towards no since they owned the behavior and apologized.

The other bouncer said he would have just filmed it and posted it on social media, and he meant it in earnest. That kinda pissed me off. These are all people from our neighborhood and regular customers. I don’t think it’s cool to make a public spectacle of them instead of doing your job and diffusing the situation so it doesn’t escalate to violence, which it was definitely right on the edge of when I inserted myself into the situation.

You can make the argument that they were acting as a public spectacle, which they were, but I don’t care how many likes and views a post like that will get. I don’t care that I could probably have posted a video of it to youtube and monetized it. That’s not the right thing to do when you’re the guy who is supposed to prevent bad outcomes in situations like that.

Even if you’re just a guy on the street, would you rather be the guy who steps in and does the right thing or the jackass who stands there with his phone out to get likes and youtube money?

I’m glad I only have one shift left. I’ve left my mark on that bar and how they approach the doorman role, but the other bouncers that have worked there over the years have never been of like mind. They do stuff like stand there and film a fight that could have been diffused or broken up when it’s a tough situation. If it’s not a tough situation, they use too much force on people who are virtually helpless. They sexually harass women too. I banned one of the ex-bouncers for that along with trying to start fights, but the main bouncer they have still acts like a creep even after I’ve talked to him about it.

I stopped in for one beer tonight and he made some comment to a young lady he didn’t even know about licking her asshole. She was obviously disgusted by it. I told him to cut the crap for the umpteenth time, but he said they like it, smiled and acted like he’s just being his charming old self.

If you’re cool and polite plenty of girls will come up and flirt with you, especially after you handle a little bit of violence. He’s older and not exactly a well-groomed or handsome man, so he needs to suck it up and be real. Maybe he’s only getting 40+ ladies flirting with him, and he should be grateful for that. Asking ladies in their early 20’s to show some titties to get in to the bar isn’t a winning strategy for him, and it’s been costing the bar good business. Young women present in the bar is what draws men into the bar, and creeping out the ladies is not what the doorman should be doing. I’ve had at least two dozen women tell me about this behavior, and I’ve gotten plenty of messages over the years asking me if I’m working for no other reason than they don’t want to be around the other bouncers.

I love working there and I love that Wednesday shift, but the owner needs to get over his aversion to confrontation and put his foot down on douchebag behavior. I’ve talked to him about this, but we’ll see if any change comes out of it.

/rant over

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Friday 4/5/19

BJJ 90 min

Open mat at my brown belt friend’s house.

Did a lot of light rolling. My instructor kept going to the same takedown over and over again, which is a modified counter to a standing headlock where he just dominates the arm that would normally be headlocking, then does a sacrifice throw with the intent to roll you over on the ground and get right to the back. He pulled it off once, but I was stuffing it and getting to knee-on-belly, which I’m not particularly good at holding on him.

Gi technique was looking at kung fu/paper cutter choke set-up options from side control 1. If you’ve got their legs laced with your lower hand and they kick out hard, let them have it and dive into reverse kesa gatame and get heavy on their torso. From here, or even the previous position, lace your upper hand back over to their near side, then get a deep collar grip. This should give you good upper body control if you can stay heavy. Then lace your lower hand as high up towards their collar as you can. Stay heavy. Finish the choke by staying heavy as you cycle your hand back around their neck, twist your torso to flatten out and finish the choke, making sure your elbow is not on the mat. If it is, you’re not deep enough in the collar.

A pro MMA fighter from Bellator showed up a little later, and we switched to no-gi. I only did one roll with him since he’s training for a regional big-ticket grappling match at my instructor’s weight, but I was able to hang. He caught me in an armbar from guard, but I didn’t feel completely out-classed. I’m pretty sure he’s either a high level purple belt or low level brown in the gi from the school I’m thinking about switching to due to my new schedule.

My instructor is just as good at no-gi, and he murdered both of us pretty easily. I think we’ll be seeing more of this guy since my instructor is probably the best person in the area for this guy to train with leading up to the match.

No-gi technique was correcting my sloppy snap-down setup, where I was giving up the centerline way too easy and giving up control of my right arm. The key here is to lace the hand up the torso, not over the shoulder. Keep the elbow locked in on their chest. Set it up with a little forehead or torso shove so they drive back into you and give you some momentum.

We also took a quick look at my last bar rumble, specifically options to look at when you’re non-choking arm is being contested in a standing rear naked choke. To stay out of that situation, keep the non-choking arm hidden and go right to a gable grip with your elbow pointed down their back. A lower back push can help get it set up better too, and I didn’t do that in the scuffle.

If you manage to get in a struggle for that non-choking arm and they begin to turn in to you, turn with them. Walk forward, keeping the choke sunk in and head control. Walk them right out the door if you can. You’re almost turning it into a bulldog choke this way.

Need to practice this a bit more.

Great stuff I’m glad open mat is open for business again.

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BJJ 50 min

I started a new job and I’ve been drinking from the fire hose, plus dealing with a longer commute, but I needed to make time to train even if I showed up late for class.

I missed warmups and the first part of drilling, but made it in time for walk-around knee on belly drills and a choke from knee-on-belly. Too wiped out to log details.

Rolled four rounds. We had a visiting school tonight, so some new people to train with.

First round was with my school’s black belt. He spent most of the round in a bad spot but he managed an americana from the bottom of side control on me. It’s easy to defend, I just failed to. He got me with a sucker move. Sucks to be a sucker.

Second round was with my school’s senior purple belt. I had him in a bad spot for a good chunk of the round too, but he caught my leg during a mount take attempt and we spent most of the rest of the round in his half guard.

Third round was with a visiting brown belt. He caught me in an armbar that was set up really well. Not much room for escape and he finished it cleanly. Otherwise I did some good escapes and moved up and down the ladder with him.

Fourth round was with a visiting black belt who is also perhaps the strongest guy I’ve ever rolled with. Tank of a dude for sure, well north of 200 and a long-time lifter. He dominated positionally for most of the round, but I got a few escapes to work and defended all of his attacks. Nasty pressure from that guy, and a good dude for me to train with whenever the chance arises.

All in all I’m fairly pleased with only getting tapped twice in 20 minutes of rolling with a four stripe purple over 200lbs, an average sized brown belt and two black belts over 200 lbs.

A young and aggressive white belt wanted to roll with me after and I should have, but I was smoked at that point. Next time. Today was my day to be the nail.

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Tuesday 4/23/19

BJJ 100 min

I stopped in to a new school yesterday. With my new job this might be the only place I’ll have time to train at during the week.

Overall it was solid. The warmups were too damn long and didn’t incorporate enough jiu jitsu movement imo but that’s not a huge deal.

Class was basically positional sparring circuit training. Didn’t really do technique just drill drill drill.

Definitely one of the more exhausting classes I’ve done.

Only rolled once with a buddy who came with me. He’s a blue belt and he caught me in a straight armbar from mount. I’m not sure why I wasn’t framing but he caught me doing something stupid.

We will see I may be at a new school. Gotta decide how much I’m ready to spend and how often I can actually make class.