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Do Meatheads Dream of Iron Sheep?


Friday 5/18/18



Some heavy DB rows and a bunch of light shoulder stuff.

20 min sauna
10 min hot tub

405 for 3 felt easy. I’ve been lifting beltless since starting back up too. It feels good. Strength is coming right back and the body’s holding up fine so far. My best set ever with 405 was for 9 with a belt. I’m not quite there but I don’t think I’m too far off. Picking up right where I left off…

I’m training jiu jitsu tonight so I didn’t try to push too hard on anything. I might go for 5 reps on 405 next week. I’m still rebooting the system and figuring out how jits fits in with lifting and recovery for me. Maybe a week or two more of this and I’ll move on to a more structured progression scheme and start working higher rep ranges a’la 5/3/1.


Friday 5/19/18

BJJ 90 min

Open mat at my brown belt instructor’s place. Some new people showed up, so he turned it into a class. Headlock escapes were the topic of the day. From standing, get headlocked and drop a level and clinch their hips. From here you can pick them up and slam them pretty easily (or at least I can). Once you get them to the ground you might still be in a headlock. If so, smash their face down. “Make them look at the floor”. If they still don’t let go, step your leg around them and lace your other hand through the loop they make with their arms. Then drive forward. They WILL let go.

One quick roll was all I had time for. He fucking neck cranked me again. Getting neck cranked SUCKS!

That’s it and that’s all. Happy weekend to everyone!

Edit: I forgot to add that we did basic turtle position from standing too. Being the most senior student in the class, I was lucky enough to be selected to show the efficacy of this simple technique. My instructor clocked me as hard as he could in the head, which was pretty damn hard. He’s not just a senior brown belt, he’s also won a gold medal for Team USA master’s weightlifting at the world’s a few years ago.

See everyone? It works! So much of jiu jitsu for self defense is predicated on eating some punches while you close distance to get in jiu jitsu range.


Love to see you working with the iron again. I think you’ll be a dangerous man if you can find a way to do that 1 or 2 times a week and keep with the BJJ work as well.


@ActivitiesGuy Thanks for stopping in! I also hope to someday become a man who is dangerous to someone besides myself. If BJJ doesn’t pan out I could always pursue the path of becoming a public menace.

Sunday 5/20/18

BJJ 30 min

I stopped in to my brown belt friend’s open mat to find myself practicing street chokes on some motherfucker who had to weigh 250 and looked like a tank. I didn’t stay long because I had a buddy of mine coming for his first taste of jiu jitsu so we headed over to my school for the basics class my other instructor is doing on Sunday mornings now. I really, really hope to see this meathead again and get a chance to grapple. I know he’s wrestled before and he was BUILT. C’mon buddy, stick with it so I can try my shit on some goon!

BJJ 120 min

Basics class. We began with stretching and warming up with hip and roll movements. There’s 8 of them we do. After that we did some breakfalls. Backwards first, then to the side.

We looked at an escape from side control next. Get your frames, hip out, get a knee in and then replace your guard. Next was what I call the gorilla roll. From the bottom of side control, get your frames and then push on your opponent. Replace guard if they give you space, but they will probably drive into you and when they do, gorilla roll them right over you, keeping the momentum they kindly started for you.

I do this to people a LOT.

Finally we worked another escape where you use your far-side knee to clear a hand that’s topping your near-side knee from sliding in to get your guard back.

I super-light flow-rolled with my buddy. We worked positions he knew and then I took mount. He asked me to stop and show him what he could do, so I showed him trap-and-roll. I have high hopes that he will stick around. He’s my age and pretty strong and fit, and I’ve known him for about a decade. He could definitely do well with jits.


Monday 5/21/18



Buncha shoulder stuff.

20 min sauna
10 min hot tub

Jits tonight.