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Do Meatheads Dream of Iron Sheep?


@The_Myth I have no idea what BIA is. The scale was about $20. It just tells me how much I weigh. As far as the beer goes, I seem to pack on muscle just fine with some beer calories in the mix. I’ve even lost fat with some alcohol calories in the mix too, but this took some effort.

When I stay away from beer and just worry about eating and lifting, well, the weight flies off without putting a whole lot of thought into anything. I’m just a guy who likes beer, and going out for beer, and staying in for beer. Sometimes what I like (beer) wins out over what I want (lose fat), but the long term trajectory is holding.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure all of my periods of muscle-building caloric surplus have had beer calories in the mix. I should try stuffing my face with just food sometime, see what happens!


But what fun is that?


@ChickenLittle Well it wasn’t THAT bad last time I did it. I just didn’t go out much and my friends all thought I was turning into a barbell-obsessed hermit. The shoulder-length hair and biker beard I had at the time probably contributed to that perception. Just a little.


Oh well, there are worse things than being a barbell obessed hermit! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@ChickenLittle I agree completely. I spent a solid year as a World of Warcraft obsessed hermit. Sure, I was able to achieve greatness as a Level 80 Tauren Druid, but the achievements still left me feeling empty. I raided the dungeons of Karazan, gained the power to shapeshift into a crow and take to the skies, and ultimately faced down Illidan himself, getting some super-sweet tier IV epic armor in the process. But I think I like lifting at the strongest gym in town better than raiding with the most badass guild on the server.

I forgot to log last week’s deload workout. It went something like this





Some pull-ups too.

Tuesday 11/15/16

BW 275

5/3/1 Cycle 1 - 5’s week

SSB Squat - TM 405

265x5 set 1
305x5 set 2
365x3 set 3

I already fucked up 5/3/1.

Bench Press - TM 285

185x5 set 1
215x5 set 2
240x11 set 3 (2 rep PR)
195x12 FSL

Chest-supported row

1 plate x10
2 plate x10
3 plate x10 (3 sets)

Notes: The SSB is a humbling implement. I figured a 450 max on the SSB, giving me a 405 TM. I actually figured I was being conservative. Well I should probably lower that TM by about 100 pounds since I only got 3 reps on 5’s week.

My upper back has taken note of the new way I’m loading my spine as well. A humbling implement indeed.

My partner also dramatically overestimated his TM for the SSB squat, but he did manage 425x5. He also hurt himself, hopefully not too bad.

I already love the SSB. The bench PR was nice to hit, and I’m beginning to love the fantastic Texas Bench Bar as well.


Thursday 11/17/16

BW 275

Deadlift - TM 550

365x5 set 1
415x5 set 2
475x6 set 3

Press - TM 185

125x5 set 1
145x5 set 2
165x7 set 3
135x8 FSL


6 sets of 5


3 sets

Notes: No partner today on my weakest day in some time. I was still feeling the SSB and I gave blood yesterday, which may or may not matter. I’m definitely not used to doing two full-body days with one day of rest. Haven’t tried that in a while.

No big deal. On to next week, which will be another odd lifting schedule for me.

Personal Weight Loss Help

Giving blood definitely makes a difference. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Wow. I was just rolling through, and saw this!! Holy smokes that’s impressive. Your new place sounds fantastic; the lifters, attitude, all of it.
Great lifting on your part as well,
Rock On.


@kpsnap Well of course giving blood makes a difference. I think I made a difference to the young lady who drew my blood. She got to mutilate me, getting some good needlework practice in and she also was able to shamelessly grope my arm. Apparently the air just wasn’t leaving the air pouch fast enough, and she really needed to make sure it was all gone before it was safe to unfasten the velcro. I blame Trump. The guy grabs a few pussies back in the 70’s and now women think they can just grope helpless men and get away with it.

@denver_z_man Thanks for the kind words. The new place is definitely fantastic. I wish they had more strongman stuff, but I suppose that’s kind of like complaining about your new Corvette when you just got out of a Camry.

Monday 11/21/16

BW 275

5/3/1 Cycle 1 - 3’s week

SSB Squat - TM 380

265x3 set 1
305x3 set 2
355x7 set 3

Bench Press - TM 280

195x3 set 1
225x3 set 2
255x9 set 3 (1 rep PR I think)
215x12 FSL

Chest-supported rows

3 works sets of 3 plates for 10

Kettlebell Swings - 88 pounder

5 sets of 20

Notes: Another week of abbreviated full-body lifting. Partner is a bit beat up from the barbells and he had his first bouncer fight last week. It went well. He showed the guy the door, then he showed him the pavement. They left and didn’t come back.


I just did the math on this and realized that’s a 4x bodyweight pull.

That’s pretty good, I guess.


Reminds me of a quote by comedian Ron White. “I didn’t know how many of them it would have taken to kick my ass, but I knew how many they were gonna use.”


@ActivitiesGuy Yep. He’s helping me with my pulls as well. I think I can do a few things better and I’ll be curious to see what sort of numbers these changes produce.

@max13 My partner and I are bouncing together tonight. Wednesdays are already the busiest night at this bar and the day before Thanksgiving really brings out the drunks. It should be an interesting evening, but I like our odds when we’re working together.

Wednesday 11/23/16

BW 276

Deadlift - TM 550

385x3 set 1
440x3 set 2
495x7 set 3

Press - TM 195

135x3 set 1
155x3 set 2
175x7 set 3


5 sets of 5

Notes: Partner hit 495x10 and 175x7. Kept things brief and easy today since we’re both bouncing in a few hours.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Happy thanksgiving.

I just caught up in here- very envious of you rnew gym and your new toys.
Very solid pulling and ssb work
BTW squatting what ammounts to 405 x10 is like a a big old 545.
just saying.


@bagofbro Thank you for following and thank you for the kind words. I know I’m not the biggest, strongest, or leanest, and I’m certainly not the best at what I do, but I still feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to do these things. I fully intend on testing my squat strength sometime in early 2017. 545 is, in fact, the next mental milestone for me. I think I’m close.

@biker My lifting partner and I bounced together for the first time tonight. The first fight of the evening involved two females, and we were able to handle the situation by being a pair of complete gentlemen. The second fight of the evening involved numerous grown men, and we were able to handle the situation by being a pair of complete animals. My partner busted a guy’s face open and there was blood everywhere. It took us about 5 minutes to get all of the involved motherfuckers out the door. I’m pretty proud to say we kicked some ass and handled some messy shit tonight. We’re both fine, the others not so much.

Also, dander girl has a boyfriend now. He’s a nice young lad and I’m really happy for her.

I’m all keyed up right now, and moderately drunk. I love this job. I love lifting weights. I love you all. Thank you to everyone who reads and comments on this log of lifting and occasional tales of bouncing mayhem.


Quite a time last night. Glad you’re ok. Happy Thanksgiving.


Awww… too bad about dander girl, but the rest sounds hilarious. Happy Thanksgiving!


Had to finally jump in here - love the tales of lifting and mayhem. Noted the drop off in logging since the new gym. Hope that means you are gaining lots of new knowledge in lifting. Also envious of the new facility - wish I had availability to that, but fearing I’m not yet worthy. Being a financial analysis guy by day I also relate to the satisfaction of daily problem solving in that environment.
Rock strong and happy thanksgiving, keep inspiring us all.


@biker Thank you! Apparently some customers complained about the bouncing staff that night. I feel like we handled things well, and all of the complaints were from very drunk customers who don’t seem to like the sight of blood pouring from the faces of their friends. The bottom line is that we removed every involved motherfucker from the premises, no innocents were hurt and all of the force used by us was in self-defense.

People will always find something to bitch about, especially when their friends get hauled out of the bar against their will and also get beaten into a pulp. You just can’t make everyone happy in those kind of situations! On a related note, I had several people come up to me that night to thank me for watching over the bar. It really made me feel good. Bouncing may not be the most noble profession, but I do take pride in watching over all of the people who come to my bar. I find it both instinctive and satisfying. It just comes naturally to me. I hate motherfuckers and love good people, and there is an abundance of good people who come through my door to have a fun evening.

@ChickenLittle Thanks to you as well. I’m genuinely happy for dander girl. She is a lovely young lady and a lot of fun to flirt with, but not the type I’d want to get serious with. Besides, she’s going to keep being a big flirt. I think her new boyfriend already realizes this fact. I’ve always seen it as harmless fun and I hope her new man can see it that way as well. She has a good heart and I’d like to see her do well for herself.

@dhoke231 Thanks for stopping in, but I remember you jumping in some time ago. This isn’t your first post in my log of lifting, although I may have changed the title on you a few years ago. My drop-off in logging has nothing to do with the new gym and everything to do with life. I’m really hoping to get back to lifting 4 days/week next week, and I think I will. I’d also like to comment on your belief that you aren’t worthy. The owner of the strength club explained his idea of “worthiness” to me, and I think it is spot-on. I’m paraphrasing here, but it went something like this…

You need to be serious about your lifting. You need to be respectful of the place and the people who lift here. That’s about it.

So the “worthiness” comes not from any specific feat you can perform, but rather from your attitude about yourself, your attitude towards others and your attitude towards training. That’s why I like him and that’s why I like where I lift. I’m also very humbled to know that you find my antics inspiring. If you want to discuss worthiness, I could make a very strong case for why I am unworthy of such praise. I’m just a dude who does a few things well.

Lifting resumes tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get back under the bar.


Tuesday 11/29/16

BW 274

5/3/1 Cycle 1 - 1’s week

Bench Press - TM 285

215x5 set 1
240x3 set 2
270x7 set 3 (PR)

Chest-supported Rows

1 plate for 10
2 plate for 10
3 plate for 3 sets of 10

SSB Squats - TM 385

285x5 set 1
325x3 set 2
365x5 set 3

Kettlebell Swings - 88 pounder


Notes: My partner is having SI joint problems, so he’s taking a break from squatting and deadlifting for a while. He managed 270x8 on bench today. I am very pleased with today’s money sets.

Here’s today’s SSB work.


Thursday 12/1/16

BW 276

5/3/1 Cycle 1 - 1’s week

Deadlift - TM 550

415x5 set 1
475x3 set 2
525x4 set 3

Press - TM 195

145x5 set 1
165x3 set 2
185x5 set 3 (PR)


5 sets of 5

FacePulls supersetted with Tricep Pushdowns

3 sets of 12 each

20 kettlebell swings

Notes: No partner today. I tried to move as fast as I could and got all of this done in just over 40 minutes, including an urgent dump between my last two sets of deadlifts. I need to crack the whip a little more with my partner I think. The sweat hasn’t been pouring enough lately.

I don’t see a need to deload next week with all of the two day/week lifting I’ve been doing lately, so its right into cycle 2. Back to 4 day upper/lower.

I think 185x5 is a 2 rep PR for strict press, which pleases me greatly, especially considering how short my rest periods were today.