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Do massages help or hinder recovery?

So, massages should enhance blood flow to muscles and supposedly release toxins from the muscle… good things. However, is it possible that in addition to freeing up the bad stuff, can massages also lead the muscle to release some of the good stuff that helps anabolism after a workout? I would really like to hear some intelligent discussion on this topic. I have done searches on several boards and can’t find a good thread.
I want to buy the Thumper Mini-Pro massager and use it on each muscle group during their respective recovery periods. It is a percussion based massager that really gets in there and feels incredible, but if it inhibits anabolism in any way… I will go without massages. Thanks.

Most guys like Poliquin and King are huge advocates of massage. I don’t know about that device, but massages are awesome for revovery. Too bad we don’t live in Thailand so we can get one every day for two bucks!!