Do Lipo 6, CLA and L-Carnitine Stack?

Starting a cut diet after 20 mnth of dirty bulking, my weight went from 215 to 265, numbers went up to

Bp : 200 to 262lbs
Dl: 220 to 325lbs
Squat: 180 to 310

Although i love eating everything and feeling strong but started to notice shortness of breath,feet pain,not enough sleep "did an a to z blood tests alls good " thank you lord

Anyways figured its time to cut back, so as the title states, is it safe to stack on lipo,lcar and cla?

Just clean up your diet for a few weeks, then start a small caloric deficit. From what I can tell, you’re carrying a LOT of fat (if you’re weighing in at 265 lbs with a bench under 300 and squat under 400 and DL under 500 most of that added weight isn’t muscle), so your best results will come from improving your diet, not adding in supplements. How tall and old are you?

Add in some kind of sensible cardio - probably just 30 minutes of fast paced walking three or four times a week for the first few weeks, the start adding in an incline to the walks. Don’t even touch anything higher intensity until you’ve dropped a few pounds.

Im 36 and im 6"3

Im dialing down on the cardio as im getting foot pain everytime i go for a run, im swimming 20 mins twice a week though for cardio

What surface are you running on? Have you got access to a rowing machine or stationary bike? Diet is still going to be the key though, no matter what cardio you do.

its pure asphalt, and yes i have access to one of the top tier spa in the county with all kind of cardio machines, but never really enjoyed cardioing there as its not an open space. i 100% agree with you on the diet, just figured stacking supplements with cut down the time whole dieting, i mean , ill need 6 to 8 month to go down from 260 to 230, figured with the supplements i mentioned above i can proly cut the time by half

That’s not really how it works. They won’t get you there quicker, and you’ll probably get more out of them if you hold of using them until you’ve got better body composition. That’s certainly what I’ve found with stuff that’s meant to accelerate fat loss. Different with BCAAs, creatine, citrulline malate, etc.

what do you mean by “Different with BCAAs, creatine, citrulline malate, etc.” ??

I mean they’re generally useful. Fat loss supplements tend to be more useful when you’re already pretty lean, because at that stage there’s a limit to how little you can eat.

oh , oh understood, so guess no supplementation and stick to a normal diet plan.if thats the case, would an appetite suppressant help ?

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Self discipline and a good diet will.

No, you don’t want to mess with your appetite. Learning how to deal with being hungry is a big part of getting and staying lean.