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Do Leg Curls Help the Squat?


I am not going to be able to do any loaded squats until january and pretty much anything standing with heavy weights do to a foot injury. What I am asking is do you guys think that leg curls and extensions are work doing. My foot is recovering really well and I am going to start having a leg day.

My thoughts on this are hyper-extensions body weight stepups with no weight, and back machine and lots of mobilty. I have been doing pl type work for the past two years and have made good gains on the main lifts, but have been sidelined. I plan on returning back to what I did before, but in the meen time I don't want to be that far behind. Any advice would be great!


I always do leg curls after deadlifts. Pretty much anything that strengthens the hamstrings can help your squat. Leg curls allow you to strengthen them without compressing your spine.

If you have access to a GHR that's a better option but unfortunately a lot of gyms don't have one.


^Same here. No GHR at my gym, so I do leg curls from time to time. I prefer good mornings and barbell hip thrusts, but you might not be able to do those with a foot injury. But yeah, heavy hamstring curls certainly won't hurt.


I can't even do any seated good-mornings, because I can't unrack the weigh. I do have a hyperextension, which I am going to try out tomorrow and I see your point about the leg curls strong hamstrings, have to be better than nothing I'll just do it after the hypers. I was also reminded by a trainer here about this lower back machine it looks like the same movement as a goodmorning so I'll give that a whirl as well.


Have you tried seated goodmorning off the pins? I did these when I had an ankle injury, this way you dont need to unrack the barbell.


January is not a long time. Just rest up. You will improve much better if your body is fully rested and nourished.


Made a mistake not Jan. its June when I'll be able to start putting weight on the bar. My apologizes. I don't have acces to a power rack, only a squat rack with j hooks on it. I'll try to play with getting it off the rack while sitting and see how it goes. Thanks for the response.


you can make a ghetto GHR with an incline sit up thing and an exercise ball

here is a video of how to do it.

pretty decent, but its big time hit and miss. sometimes youll stall @ 4 reps other times itll be 15. But better than nothing.



i do band leg curls at the end of most lower body workouts. they are definitely good for helping build the hamstrings but by themselves i don't think they'd be enough.

throwing out another suggestion: kneeling squats. honestly, i've never even tried them but they might be worth it.


I'll look it up it sounds like a sissy squat.