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Do Kids Report to Parents on Teachers?

Not that I’m going to be a teacher anytime soon, but I always wondered if kids in HS constantly report back to their parents about what their teachers do and say in class, and if the parents give the teachers a lot of shit for it? Like if you get a little too funny in class or state your opinion on something controversial, will the parents be demanding your resignation by the end of the week? I know there are teachers on here so I’d love to hear stories.

For the most part kids in HS don’t talk to their parents. And when they do its not about school…unless it is about something real serious like a fail or scholarship.

If a teacher “opens up” they seem more like a friend so if a teacher says something crazy it’s almost like their teammate saying it…most often you’ll get a shot right back at you. Just don’t be the dick that gets serious when he gets hit with a good one.


As a secondary school teacher, it is apparent that kids do indeed talk to their parents (crazy huh?). What they tell their parents is a different story, and mainly a combination of: abilities of the teacher, how much they like/dislike the class, and if they are having trouble with the material.

When it comes to behavior of students, I have a binder full of anecdotal records. Basically before each class I have a blank sheet of paper, if anything out of the ordinary occurs, I write it down along with the date. In case of any misunderstandings, I do have a bit of “documentation” to further my case. i.e. “Ms. Bimbo keeps forgetting to bring her graphing calculator to class.” or “Timmy was harassing Jane, so I moved him across the class to a different desk”. Stuff like that.

The “binder of records” usually settles any kind of conflict that may arise at parent teacher interviews, and has saved my ass many times. Usually it’s a parents angry about something, I show them the records, and they can form their own conclusion. However, so far it seems that MOST if not ALL parents are very reasonable people at interviews. There are a few crazies and helicopter parents, but they lose their ground once evidence is presented to them. lol

Here they cannot demand your resignation, but can file a complaint. Once the complaints start adding up you will be subjected to some drop-in observations, relocation, or a discipline hearing. Although being a math teacher, I don’t really deal with opinionated matters that could get me in trouble.

I’m careful with what I say and haven’t had any issues really. There was one time when my students asked why asians were so good at math. I told them it is a stereotype and more of an environmental thing. Referred to china and japan as “rote learned populaces”. Kinda controversial, but for a week I was expecting an angry phone call, but nothing ever happened.

The last day of classes before christmas this year, I put on the movie “pi” for the calculus students, mostly grade 12s, to watch for the period. It’s a rated R film, but interesting movie with thoughts on the philosophy of mathematics. But the guy in the movie does end up trepanning himself with a power drill at the end. I kept an eye on my inbox over the holidays for any angry complaints.

Sorry, nothing too funny, but those are a couple examples.