Do-it-Yourself Protein Drink

today i just bought bulk calcium caseinate, and just realized it was very difficult to dissolve cc in water.

i tried to mixed cc with milk powder first before adding them to water.

i had a better mix but still i couldnot have 100% solubility, and futhermore the taste is still awful.

now i appreciate Grow! even more - better buy one from the professional like Biotest.

too bad it is not easy to obtain one from indonesia.


use a blender, and also leave the caseinate in water for some time. Teh protein needs to hydrate to be soluble. Probably easier with slightly warm water as well

So use warm water, a blender, and just put up with the chalk taste. Or Cut your Losses and get something Like Grow! that taste good and mixes easily in Cold water. LOL