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Do I Understand this Correctly?

I’ve been away from T-Nation for a longish while and have been trying to play catch-up on the layering system. I think I may be combining/confusing different methodologies. Would you please take a quick look and tell me if I’m close or way off-base? Thank you.

ONE exercise per day. At least one main exercise. Assistance lifts can be done between sets but not to a great extent. For instance, in may be okay to do 3-6 sets of 4-8 reps of a trap, rhomboid, or rear delt exercise between pressing sets, but don’t go nuts.

Perform a short 2ish week core “blitz” for 2 weeks once every 2 cycles or so.

Cycle something like this:

For my purposes I think it may be better to try to maintain the same exercises through each strength and the next phase before tweaking slightly for the next strength cycle. Dependent on ability to progress.

Split should look something like:
Seated Mil Press from pins
Oly squat from pins
Bench from pins
Neural Charge Training
Repeat? or continue with:
Slight Incline Bench from pins
Trap Bar Deadlift
Floor press
Neural Charge Training
(exercises listed are illustrative-haven’t REALLY thought about which to use yet. Ideas appreciated)

Assistance or accessory work should be somewhat limited and eccentric-less whenever possible

Warm-up should be something explosive. Whether it be Neural charge or light Power Snatches. Something to get my CNS firing more efficiently without being fatiguing.

Strength phase loading:
Ramp to 1RM
3 Cluster sets @90%
70% ramp to 2RM
2 Cluster sets @ 90%
70% ramp to 3RM
1 Cluster @ 90%
1 max rep set @ 90% of 1RM

Week 1 Ramp 3RM, 3 Cluster sets, 3 HDL
Week 2 Ramp 2RM, 4 Cluster sets, 2 HDL
Week 3 Ramp 1RM, 5 Cluster sets, 1 HDL
Week 4 Ramp 1RM, 3 HDL, 2 Max pump

Accumulation phase-5/4/3/2/1@70%
Intensification phase-Max reps/15s/max reps@80%
Transformation phase-Hard 5@80-85%

Am I understanding this correctly?
I’ve searched the site and forum. Followed some very helpful links, etc. This is my understanding thus far. Really appreciate any help where I’ve gotten it wrong.