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Do I Suffer From Autoimmune Disease? (Low T, T3/FT3)

I just got my most recent blood work and results are quite terrible as you can see.
The one and only problem I have is low/non-existent libido - I can barely have sex with my gf and it has happened with my ex gf as well.
I repeated hormonal tests which were not good before, my T dropped even lower and t3 and ft3 are worse. Tsh and Prl were elevated but now are better, estradiol as well.

I’m 30. My diet is top notch (lots of veggies, lean meat, fruit, whey prot I can go with more details if someone requires info), I regularly supplement d3, ashwagandha, mg, selenium etc. I workout 6 times weekly (with morning cardio every other day).
I dont smoke/drink/go out, my sleep could be better.
I really look good and jacked, people actually think I’m on juce. I workout like a maniac and feel good except for my dead libido.
Now, last couple of years I have visited multiple urologists and endo’s, they did screening of my prostate, thyroid, balls, pituitary and everything was fine. They do not know the cause of this. They say its probably overtraining and similar crap.
Last 2 years I tried this:
12.5mg clomid every 4. days - It increased my T levels above the range and I felt improvement in libido but not really significant.
thyroxin 50mcg every day to treat my thyroid hormones - no effect on libido
Last year I also ran 500mg testo ena eith proviron for 8 weeks (for the first time) and felt 0 libido improvement while on it.

I have no idea what else to try. I have also tried pt 141, cialis/viagra are of no use (mind you, It happens extremely rarely but when I’m horny I have no prob with erection). I have morning wood.

Ummm… you are/were

Have you tried listening to the doctors and maybe cutting back on training to see how it goes? What is your caloric intake? Getting plenty of fats? How tall are you and what do you weigh? When you say your sleep could be better do you mean you only get 5 hours a night or 7? How old are you? Do you snore? What other drugs are you taking or have you taken? Finesteride (propecia) for hair?


Hey friend, thank you for your answer.

I really have no reason to lie here - It is my health in question and I want to help myself.
I know it might sound insane, but I only ran that cycle in order to see if my libido would improve and it didn’t.

I did not cut my training to be honest because I think its a bit of nonsense. But I do alot of training - Currently on cut, I usually do light intensity jogging for an hour, and later I workout ~2hrs in the gym, 6 times a week. I feel fantastic in the gym and don’t feel overtrained so I really doubt it’s an issue.
But I do feel tired when I get home after some hard sessions, like exhausted.
As for my diet I do carb rotation (200g on leg day, 150-100 on other days, on reat days, I only take carbs from fruit in the morning).
My fat intake is around 50-80g.
My typical meal day is:
1 - banana + berries + greeny powder mix with whey prot 60g (plus cinammon, ginger and pepper spice)
2 - (before workout) 100g oats + 15eggs (3 whole), chilli pepper + tomato juice and some veggies (greenies, carrot, beetroot)
3. pwm 50g whey
4. after workout meal - beef/chicken breast with 100g corn/rice and greeny veggies with olive oil
5. before bed 200g cottage cheese with casein and 30-50g of seeds (brazil nuts + almonds/hazelnut/walnut).
I also take zma, ashwagandha and maca powder, selenium, vitamine d3 5000ui.
I drink around 5l of water daily.
I’m 6"2 tall and weigh 230lb with a very low bf.

As for my sleep, I sleep 5-7 hours mostly and I usually wake 2-3times in the night.
I do snore alot (I downloaded some app to track it).

I do not take any druga at the moment.

So to be clear:

  1. You work out 3 hours a day 6 days a week.
  2. You have no idea your daily calories.
  3. You probably have sleep apnea.
  4. You abused anabolics rather than cut back your training to fix your libido.

Well yes, I guess you can always flip my words to fit the narrative and I really don’t wish to argue.
I obviously know my calorie intake and I didn’t abused anabolics for aesthetics as you are trying to say.
I’m suffering a couple of years with low libido, and only last year I took anabolics for the first and the last time in my life, only to check if my libido would improve so I can start trt or serm monotherapy.
As for the sleep apnea, there might be some truth in this, I will check it out as well. If lack of sleep can make such hormonal disbalance.
Thank you

Lack of quality sleep can cause so damn many issues. It’s an under-appreciated part of our long term health, but more and more people are noticing it.

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I did no such thing. And I am not trying to argue…I am responding to your plea for help and trying to succinctly outline what YOU just told me. If I am wrong then fine just let me know where.

What is your caloric intake? I did not say you abused anabolics for aesthetic reasons. You abused anabolics however.

TRT usually starts at about 20% of what you took. Again, not trying to shame you here, just being factual.

Like iron_yuppie said above sleep is the first thing any doc usually checks when it comes to disrupted hormones. As soon as my doc saw my TT at 230 he ordered a sleep study to see if I had apnea.

You skipped over my point 1. Instead of injecting hormones from why wouldn’t you take your doctors advice and dial it back a little bit? Did you get bloods when on the testosterone? Can you be sure the testosterone is legit?

And no Finesteride for hair?

Hueber, you state your “one and only problem” is near non-existent libido.

I take you at your word.

  1. Would you say you have become asexual? That is, you have no desire to have sex with another?
  2. Do you successfully masturbate? If so, how often?
  3. If you are sexually successful with a partner, is it satisfying?

T-Nation forum members are quick to check blood work relative to substances taken. This is great information. If you have done only one AAS cycle, I can’t see that zeroing your libido. I wonder if there isn’t some underlying psychological issue. You might seek an expert’s assistance. Disclaimer: I am no wise knowledgeable in this area.

My calorie intake varies, on leg workouts I go up to 3400kcal, 3000-3200 with other muscle groups, on rest days it’s around 2500-2800 atm.
And for the TRT dosages, I know they are much lower. But I wanted to check if excessive T will bring any sex drive benefits to me and it didn’t, I felt the same. The gear was real (pharma) as you can buy testosterone enanthate in pharmacy in my country without prescription.
As for the Finesteride, I had to google it honestly so my answer is no :laughing:
Strangest thing is, with such a low T and thyroid hormones I should be obese and in bad shape, but I really easily pack muscle and look good, I don’t know what could be the problem.
I will definitely address the sleeping issue and thank you for that advice :muscle:

Well yes, lack of libido, I guess it translates to asexual as well.
My current gf is really good-looking, young, and overall a great person, and I have 0 desire to sleep with her. Sometimes I keep watching her, her body is absolutely amazing, and I think what the hell is wrong with me.
I also do not have need to watch porn or masturbate. I literally have to force myself every 3/4 day to masturbate to ‘stay in shape’.
Erection is not the main issue because, on extremely rare occasion when I can get myself horny, errection is ok. But the problem is, when I’m masturbating or having a sex, it’s like someone else is doing it. I can’t really explain.
And yea, it is not satysfying in the way “I’m an alpha male” I feel ok aftet ejaculation and for it’s finally over.
But I’m not that nervous/anxious before sex. Obviously I became a little bit worried because of failure lately, but current gf is very relaxed and she is not pressuring.

I have also visited a shrink and he suggested wellbutrin. If my other results were ok, I would also think it is in my head. My thyroid and T hormones are very low so I guess there is some underlying issue I can’t find

Been thinking to start with 50mcg thyroxin ed and clomid 12.5 mg monotherapy monday/thursday.
I have already tried clomid therapy and my T went to upper limits.
I also felt a bit better libido back then but not significant. Overall I felt ok on clomid, my mood was the same.
I will also test myself for sleep apnea as other guys suggested.
What do you guys think?
I have already talked to different endo’s for years and they keep spining me in circles - Endless blood tests, screenings, prescriptions for some supplements (I’m already using) like ashwagandha, selenium, zinc etc.

You mean get yourself tested or do a test yourself?

I will go to clinic, I found some clinics specializing in sleeping disorders.

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Yeah they need to hook you up with about 50 electrodes and monitor you overnight. I did it at a facility but I hear some get home kits that report back to the doc. Good luck. Keep us posted.

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