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Do I still have to do Cardio?

I have judo practice three days a week for about an hour and a half at a time. By the end of practice I am completely soaked with my own sweat. Do I still need to do any cardio, or can this count for it? For some more information I am about a buck sixty four 12% bodyfat(last time tested) and am not trying to loose weight.

you never have to do cardio… and since you aren’t trying to lose weight… umm… no

The likely obvious answer is no, you don’t have to do any cardio. But it also depends on your training goals and the type of cardio you are asking about.

Im a boxer and do rope skips on tuesday and thursdaysm, I have the same boxing schedule as you do. I eat plenty and don’t gain a pound unless I eat like a mad man full of starvation. But after three days of workouts I loose all the weight I gain.

Back to your question, CARDIO if used should be used in a manner to increase endurance. An idea would be to run 400’s or tempo type workouts for recovery and stamina.

I remember doing cardio once… IT SUCKED!

Like my teacher told me, “There is always someone training harder than you.” Remember seeing those guys sucking wind so hard after a match they coul not say their names? Dont be like that. I did a sprint / jog / sprint / jog routine.

Hey everyone, thanks for the responses. I have read preciosly on this site can’t remeber exactly what article, that you need to do cardio whether to loose or gain simply due to the overall effect that it has on conditioning on your body. Since I am doing so much activity with Judo I assumed I didn’t need to do anymore. My current goals are to increase my strength and stamina and go up to 180 pounds which I think would be an ideal weight for me considering my frame size. I’m 6 foot by the way, very ectomorphic aspiring mesomorph.

Cardio is good for you. Really. Just don’t overdo it.