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Do I Sound Carb Sensitive?

The moment i went from low carb diet to a bulk i started farting like crazy, im talking all day/night long, huge ones that stink and just dont stop. They would get so bad that they slip out as i start walking out a room to relieve myself. Think of the movie dumb and dumber where he gives him laxative, those kind of farts all day and night. loooooooooong ones…i wake up farting in the middle of the night, when i wake up to pee at night i fart a huge one every night. first thing i do when i get out of bed is fart.

Cramps and pains in my gut followed by seriously runny/explosive stool

I often feel bloated

I been getting headaches every morning soon after waking up for weeks now and cant figure out what it is, always in my temples. i eat 100grams of oats/banana/250 ml skim milk every morning as soon as i wake up, around 7am. the pain fades away as the day goes by, by about 11:00-12:00 its normally gone, And after my breakfast carbs i do 3 Pro/FAT meals in the day till my pre shake at around 17:00

Often after my Post shake(80gr dextrose) i suddenly get so tired and drowsy i can hardly do anything, if i sit on a couch i sometimes just pass out. Very cloudy in my head and kinda have that floating feeling i get when i ate way too much. this gets better after about 2 hours.

Want to sleep alot

Low sex drive(i blame heavy work stress on this as i had that before my bulk allready)

what you think?

I think i should do a few very low carb days and see what happens

I think it might just be with higher doses though, as i find my pre workout shake(40gr dextrose) does not induce that comatose state my post shake(80gr dex) does.I sip 20 grams of Vitargo during workout and dont find the same then, on the contrary i sometimes have some serious energy while working out. But let me have that post shake in the locker room and by the time i get to the front door of the gym i could seriously just go sleep.

hmmm… re-reading my own post i guesse i kinda answered my own question.

maybe the 80 grams post workout is a little high in carbs as you said. I don’t really know how to explain the crazy farting tho :p. How often other than with Breakfast do you drink milk? And is your protein powder lactose free? It sounds like you may be lactose intolerent or have an allergy to something you are consuming. What else changed in term of different foods you eat now as apposed to before your bulk? I don’t know what is causing the headach’s either…that is cause for concern tho it could be stress.

Factors That Might Indicate Carbohydrate Sensitivity

–You crave carbohydrates

–You are overweight or obese

–You don’t exercise very much or at all

–You’re a woman and over forty

–You suffer from chronic or bouts of depression and compulsive overeating (serotonin or other neurotransmitter imbalance, possibly)

–You have been over-stressed for some time

–You are hormonally challenged and under a doctor’s care

–You react negatively to eating sugar, i.e., you become tired, groggy, and your mental response becomes sluggish< (For most, this seems to be the easiest way to tell)

–You reach for carbohydrates over protein most or all of the time

–Your diet doesn’t consist mostly of whole foods, especially low to moderate glycemic foods