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Do I Really Need TRT? (Updated Bloods)

Just need opinions as I’m 29 years old and have been prescribed 250mg every 2 weeks. Want to know if I really need trt or if there is another underlying issue. The first test I felt really run down. The second one I felt a little easier to get through the days

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What are your symtoms? Have you started TRT yet? Is the 2nd results on TRT?

Low energy/motivation, memory problems, low libido some days, brain fog and joint issues.

Have not commenced trt as of yet, second guessing if of should as its a life commitment

Tough call for sure. Your levels are mid range and surely you’d feel better on TRT, but is the commitment worth it to you? Also out of curiosity, any erection problems and do you get regular morning wood?

Erection are pretty regular

On the second test that is the highest total has been the last 4 years

Your LH is low, Total T is low. You underlying issue is you have low testosterone and you need TRT if you want a high quality of life. You can decide to stop TRT, but you will go back to being lethargic and symptomatic.

Your pituitary gland just isn’t getting the job done anymore and there isn’t much you can do about it. Doctors and scientists don’t know why the majority of men have low testosterone, everything always checks out yet low testosterone remains.

Some believe it is chemicals in the environment disrupting the HPTA.

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I have total t of 18 nmol/l and I plan to start TRT. Your numbers are even worse. For testosterone in range means nothing. Most guys need to be at the top of the total testosterone range to have enough free testosterone.

With these numbers most doctors will say you are fine and will not like to put you on TRT. You need to take it in your own hands

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@systemlord thanks for responding, I always value your input. My doc said my lh and fsh were burnt out and also about society having lower t is from plastic eg the sun hitting the dashboard and letting out estrogen for is to breath in.

@vonko1988 I’m in the early stages of where it begun for you. I just want as much info and to be prepared for what is around the corner

@vonko1988 also I found a doctor that prescribes trt with these levels. He does not follow the government ranges which would be impossible to go below in Australia.

Yes there are such doctors, although rare. You will most likely benefit from elevated testosterone levels even though you are not so bad like a guy with 200-300. Thats why for us the decision is more difficult and we need to take it on our own. No doctor will take the decision for you man.

I think he is the only doctor over here.I’m sure everyone would benifit being in the upper range. I felt average when I got total testosterone at 18 but the other times I got 11 to 13 I felt really bad which converts to 300 to 400.

So imagine how you are gonna feel with 28…

Hopefully I’ll know what it feels like soon

whats your stance on fertility?

Im hoping that I can get my partner pregnant in 1 to 2 years, it’s the major thing playing on my mind amongst that there are not 30plus year studies of trt.

The doc said that I can get fertile in that time by just stopping the test. I persuaded the doc to prescribe hcg for cosmetic reasons of 1500 a week. I’m still figuring out what’s the best approach

Start testosterone only for 6 weeks and then add HCG in my opinion

That’s was exactly what I was planning on doing. Is there any indo on how long someone can preserve fertility with hcg.

Also I was thinking 350 x2 a week of hcg

Some doctors say HCG looses its effects after long use, some say does not.

How often are you going to inject T? Since I plan to inject t ED when I start I also plan to inject HCG ED 100 UI with single injection if possible both.

But first I will start HCG mono only to try it.

It’s hard to gauge the long term use of hcg and everyone is different. I’d hate to become infertile and ill have an only child.

Are you doing Ed because of shbg? I’m planning to do 100~120mg a week split into 2 but my shbg is fairly low to.

Why do you want to do it on its own?