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Do I Really Need to Rest a Full Day?


I am going on vacation in 3 weeks so I dont want to pay for a gym membership till I get back, so I have been doing pushups and situps in my house.

My question is: I can't do many pushups, I do 1x12, 1x10, then about 2x6. Do I really need to then rest a full day to do this again? It seems unnecessary


who the hell told you that you need to rest a full day between afew sets of pushups


Throw in some bodyweight squats. Use gallon water jugs for weights. Shoulder presses, bent over rows.

Be creative. You'll have more fun.


I agree with your sentiment. People are so sedentary they have no concept of the work capacity our forebearers exhibited every day. I've talked to my Grandpa about this a lot, and it seems like back in his youth, people walked all over the place because a lot of folks didn't have cars. I know my Grandma did a lot of farmwork with a big, ridiculous Belgian horse, and it was light work considered suitable for a young girl.

This was considered normal. I often think about how now, if someone was to walk 5 miles in an otherwise sedentary day, they might consider that a huge burden, but 70 years ago it would have been considered a day of relative ease. I know around the turn of the century Bernarr MacFadden routinely walked 15-20 miles per day from his home to his office.

OP: What I'm getting at is, no, it's not necessary. The amount of rest you take should be determined by the amount of rest you need to keep your performance up, which is a function of your recovery and the severity of your training. If your training is not too demanding, you don't need much rest.


That's 24 hours of rest for 34 pushups. Think about that.


ditto what the others said. But really, why not pay for a gym membership now? You'd get your money's worth, even if you only get 3 weeks instead of 4 for this month.


If you're just starting out, which it seems you are, be careful about overdoing it at first, as endless reps of an exercise like pushups is a good way to fuck up your wrists a bit. Other than that, there's really no reason why you can't do them ll day.


Pushups and situps really show how you know next to nothing. Look up bodyweight exercises. Theres alot out there and they can be really fucking hard, then you might need a day break.

You won't need rest from a few pushups, if anything you could do that routine 5x a day.


I'm sorry... where in my question posted in the beginner section asking for help make me appear to know something?


Hahaha don't mind them. You don't need to rest a full 24hrs before doing pushups. You can do them everyday and see results.


I wasn't having a dig at you. Still, I assumed you've been training since 2007 so I would of expected a little more then pushups and situps.