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Do I Really Need T Replacement?

Was experiencing a lot of symptoms of low T [I’m a 55-year-old man]. Had testing done for it. Primary says I’m in the normal range for the most part. A friend that does online T therapy said I should go that route, since numbers are still not optimal.

Any thoughts are appreciated as I don’t want to waste $$ if I don’t need to.

Here are the results:

Total T: 423
FSH: 14.2
LH: 7.0


You’re missing the most important labs, Free T and I might also add older men tend to have higher SHBG, this matters because SHBG binds up the active T (Free T) and renders it inert (Total T).

I’m willing to bet that your Free T levels are underwhelming, but would still test to be sure.

The high FSH is indicating infertility and with your LH near the top end and testosterone below midrange, this indicates the testicles aren’t functioning optimally anymore.

I start to notice symptoms below 400 ng/dL and I have SHBG on the lower end.

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I was in the same boat. My levels were normal but not optimal. Primary care doctor was no help. A friend told me about his service with Royal Medical Center. They are basically a telemedicine service. I paid $195 and got a full set of labs and they were able to put me on a program. I feel great. Might want to look into it. I was at 352 total T before I started.

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Given that your total testosterone is 423 and you are experiencing low testosterone symptoms at age 55, you are certainly a candidate for TRT. It really depends on how bad your symptoms are and if they are bad enough for you to do something. The other labs are nice to have, but not mandatory given your situation. You can always get the others checked on follow-up.

While that is true, it simply means it is unlikely you will get treated. Does not mean you should not get help, just that you will need to utilize a TRT practice. Good luck.

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Western medicine in general is lacking in the sex hormones knowledge, it’s a new field of medicine many struggle to grasp.

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Yeah as before get a number for Free T

In the mean time could try this below also make sure diet has at least a small amount of good fats and cut out all sugary crap…

Do you lift and if so how? Conditioning work?
-running through the more moderate Tnation programs can work wonders for guys your age

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At age 55, you better get onboard or risk having a myriad of health issues in the next 20 years. Your labs clearly show very little information but based off that, you should start optimizing yourself before you hit a wall. Its simply inevitable once you reach a certain age. Money becomes less of an issue once you start to see the benefits.

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