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Do I Need Whey Protein?


I really dont want to take alot of supplements or anything, but I've heard whey protein really increases results in building muscle. does anyone here NOT use it and get good results, or is there anyone who can tell me the changes they saw when they worked out with it as opposed to not?


According to your profile you started working out in January. Are you getting positive results?


I'd say if you can afford to, then yes take some. But if you're on a tight budget like most people are, then it wouldn't stop/stall your progress if you didn't.

I know a few people who don't use whey and are still making progress. Just clean up your diet and bust your ass. Eat whole foods and get your proteins from good sources.


Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Using whey protein greatly simplifies the task of getting a high amount of protein. Not only is whey easy to make, it's made so that it gets absorbed quickly and subsequently put to use as soon as possible. While you certainly can bulk just fine without it, it's much, much harder. You'll have to plan on taking food with you to the gym to eat right after you finish working out, as well as probably eating a lot of meat through the day. Plus, it's pretty damn cheap for what you're getting. I understand the desire to not use a ton of supplements, but you'd be surprised at how many of them can actually help.

I'd also take into account what amphibian said. Are you reaching your goals? Whey might help speed that along if you're having issues.


It isn't needed, and plenty of people have gotten good results without it. It can help, though. It just isn't magic.


Think of it as food. If you're already getting enough protein then you don't need it. I use it because it's cheaper and easier to just have a shake sometimes rather than eating all the food I would need to eat to get the same benefit.


well yes im gaining muscle while keeping my body fat pretty low (can still see all my abs), so I'm not unhappy with my progress as of yet. I just read about it saying it causes the protein to be absorbed quickly, but i don't understand why it getting absorbed quickly is better. does that mean it makes bascially ALL the protein go to your muscles, as opposed to other places?


After your workout your smashed muscle fibres are BEGGING for protein so it's optimal to have a whey shake with water because that will be absorbed much quicker than when you're eating steak in the locker room of your gym :wink:. Quick absorbtion means quick repair of your muscles and a higher potential for growth than slow-absorbing proteins respectively.

As far as the other parts of the day, slow-absorbing protein found in your food is just fine.


Why are you doing that? Do you have a job where you need to to have all of your abs visible at all times? Even Chris Shugart admits he gets a little soft in the midsection when bulking.



Why a post workout shake?
There is only evidence against a shake straight after the training session.
Anyway first get your Training and then your nutrition in order. Once everything gives you great gains or you have severe difficulties to eat enough protein>get powder. And buling without fat gain is just soooooo slow.


Protein is needed for your body to grow and develop. Whey protein is cheaper than eating chicken breast every two to three hours. However, regular food like lean meat is a better source of protein than whey. The trick is eating enough protein without using whey or other supps.(its not easy) Whey makes it easier to get the protein in your body u need for growth to happen.


No, I'm not really doing it on purpose. I have areally fast metabloism, which is a double edged sword in that I really havent ever been able to put on body fat no matter what i eat, but it also makes it where i have to eat, eat, & EAT to hold on to what muscle i get. I do have a bit lower belly fat (doesnt everyone?), but its not really to noticable, and im not worried about it. So no, I'm not undereating or anything in an attempt to keep my abs, but i am trying to have as clean and healthy 'bulk' that i can.


As was already explained, after a workout your muscles are craving some protein. Whey protein is a fast-acting protein. And a powder does not need to be digested therefore it enters your system much, much faster than food does. So a whey protein powder can be a very, very helpful aid.

After you workout(I mean ASAP, like as soon as you leave the gym floor) have a whey shake with some carbs. I just throw in some glucose powder with my PWO whey shake to get the desired insulin spike.
I found that 30-35g of whey with 20-25g of carbs works well for me. And most people would use something similiar to that as well.

Shakes are for convenience and are not a substitute for food. Remember that and you'll be fine.


There is no problem seeing your abs if you are gaining weight.


Yeap. Kind of rare though. If you're eating like a pro bodybuilder and really watching all your macros, then its not impossible. But some people wanting to gain weight just pig out and eat everything in sight.


Agreed with MarvelGirl. It's a convenient snack that helps get your protein up; if you already eat lots of protein, you don't need it. (And if cost is an issue, look around online; there are better deals than Biotest. Just be sure it's actually 90% protein or so, not a "weight gainer," as those are full of sugar and fat.)


Actually I know this wasn't part of your initial question, but if you were going to use a supp but were worried about cost, and still wanted the best protein uptake, i'd take leucine. Even if you don't buy it through Biotest. There's all kinds of places to buy it in bulk, but honestly Biotest's price is pretty comparable and I've used several different brands with identical results.

You don't need to consume very much of it but it helps you get a lot more out of the food you're already eating for fuel and repair. Otherwise meat, eggs, fish and whatever you can get. But if you can afford both, mix your leucine with a couple scoops of whey and you'll get even more out of it.

I consider whey like most others on this thread to be a highly convenient and easily absorbed luxury. If you can afford it, use it. If not there are reasonable alternatives.


i gave up on whey protein when i ran out just to see if i could make gains without it. so far it's working (slowly), and i also have a screaming fast metabolism. at first it wasn't easy eating enough meat, but it is getting easier now.

now i can appreciate how easy it is to hit prot ratios with a powder.


No supplements are not required to make gains


definitely not,if you cant get in enough protein each day trough whole foods then look for a decent protein powder. people will tell you you need whey protein right after you train or you wont be in positive nitrogen balance whatever its all BS all you need is food, i eat steak and 2 baked potatoes after i train.

for most of ronnie colemans career he didnt drink a protein shake after he trained he whent and had steak and grits. personally i drink a shake for my 1st meal but thats only because i cant eat a ton of food first ting in the morning.