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Do I Need TRT

age - 20
height - 5’11"
weight - 205
waist - 36
describe body and facial hair - Somewhat hairy
did to grow fast or slow and steady as a teen - fast
testes ache or hurt? ever? - no
mood - Most of the time pretty down.
depression - Maybe
libido - Really bad, I lose interest in girls really quick. Cant seem to get it up. The worst part is just lack of interest even when a hot girl is into me.
get cold easily? a change? Yes
dry skin, brittle nails? Moderately dry skin, but not terrible. My nails are horribly weak though.
use iodized salt? - Very little
eat much sea food? - Nope
exposure to chemicals? - Not that I know of
ever used hair loss drugs? - Nope
Rx and OTC drugs - Multi and fish oil.
Been lifting for a while and working my butt off but I never see much change - Get exhausted easily too.

Went to my GP and told him about my issues, he more or less laughed me off and said I was too young. But he would run the blood test, been trying for a week but I cant seem to get the test info?

Sorry if I left anything out, I read all of the stickys but I dont think I understood everything.