Do I Need to Switch Doctors?

I’m taking 50 mg Testosterone Cyp twice a week, subQ injections.

My test results came back

Total T: 595 range 250 - 900
Free T: 18 range 5 - 18
Estradiol: 76 range 20 - 42

She said she’s comfortable with my results and I don’t need an AI. What should I do? I don’t think she’s going to budge on giving me something for estrogen.

Are you presenting symptoms of high E2? If so did you tell her about your symptoms?

Your doctor is clearly frightened to prescribe a drug commonly used to help with estrogen conversion, she’s comfortable with not sticking her neck out and getting in trouble for prescribing a drug she knows little about. If she is ignoring any symptoms and is comfortable with your levels get rid of her and find a knowledgeable doctor, this one inexperienced.

Insurance based doctors are usually reluctant to prescribe AI’s since it’s not in the guidelines for TRT, instead they stick to their guns even when presenting with symptoms. They don’t care because they don’t want to get in trouble, their not going to risk their career for you. You’re estrogen dominant, males aren’t supposed to be estrogen dominant.

A Total T of 595 and FT high normal, you clearly have low SHBG and probably need to split your doses up EOD, this will lower estrogen in some men.

Would like to know your SHBG

Your E2 is dangerous.
Increased risks for diabetes, arterial disease and prostate problems as well as gyno. Your libido and mood are probably really bad. Also some concern with what E2 is doing to SHBG, however TT vs FT does not indicate such a problem.

Your FT range seems low. Could be age adjusted by the lab company. The point of TRT is youthful levels.

I probably pointed you [Feb 4th] towards the finding a TRT doc sticky in one of your other threads.