Do I Need to Run Nolva While On or After a Blast w/ SARMs?

Hello, I’m currently taking 200 mg of trt a day (lotion on my testicles). I’m going to start a LGD4 & Ostarine cycle. Ill be taking 10 mg of Osta and 5 mg of LGD everyday for 12 weeks. My question is, do I need to take nolvadex during the SARM cycle or wait until after? OR, do I need to take nola at all? If I do need to take it, how much and when should I start taking the nola?

Why would you think you need to run nolva with this or after?
Where did you come up with those dosages? 10mg of MK2866 will be underwhelming.
I hope you mean 200mg per week.

No, and why would you run it after? You’re rubbing test cream on your balls for TRT so there’s no need for PCT


Usually I would run 20 mg a day, but I’m doing half at 10 mg a day.

Effective dose of osterine is 25-50mg/day. If it were me I would be in that range. I usually run 40-50.