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Do I Need to Lower Dose When Switching to Insulin Syringes?

I recently started using insulin syringes, rather than the typical hypodermic needle. I inject 30mg every other day, and felt this would be much more convenient in terms of sustainability and preventing needle fatigue. However, when using a hypodermic needle with a replaceable tip, there is about 2.5-5 IUs that are lost and left in the syringe due to hub loss. This equates to about a loss of 10-15 mg of testosterone lost each week. Should I lower the dose when using insulin Syringes buy this amount? In order to match the amount I was getting previously? So 25 mg every other day with an insulin syringe, as opposed to the 30 mg I was injecting every other day with the hypodermic needle

Personally I would not, just stick with your dose and inject what youre suppose to have been getting. An extra 10mg a week is not a make or break change. Stick to your protocol.

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Investigate, the airlock method for injecting IM.
I use it and waste is negligible.