Do I NEED to Get Really Big and Fat for Powerlifting Comps?

I want to powerlift but I don’t want to lose my physique… what to do?

Don’t eat like a fucking moron.


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LOL. No, you don’t. It just means you’ll need to beef up your nutrition knowledge and very consistently execute it, eating a small enough surplus that you can gain size and strength without unnecessary fat, it doesn’t take much. Not saying you should eat like a bird, or not enough to support your training and goals, but there’s a difference between a well executed, smart gaining plan where you know exactly how much you’re getting, versus an eye-balling eating-to-gain plan that’s looser and not regulated. It depends on how much fat you’re willing to add, and how bad you want to accomplish your goal. It’s a slow and steady process. Then you can keep your physique and be super strong.


First off, what kind of physique do you currently have?


Google “lean powerlifter”. /thread


I’m still curious as to what kind of physique OP currently has. It’s as if he believes the minute he starts “powerlifting”, he’ll turn into someone who is big and fat.

if I want to be a bodybuilder, do I really NEED to get lean and jacked?


Unless you want to lose. What does that have to do with the topic here?

pfft, if you have to ask, you’d never understand. Fool.


Getting big is an advantage to a certain point, basically as long as your strength increases as a result and makes you more competitive in whatever weight class you are in. Getting fat is not advantageous, but once you are in the SHW class it doesn’t hurt.

Your comment makes no sense. It seems that you are implying that you do in fact need to get big and fat to be a successful powerlifter because you obviously do need to be lean and jacked as a bodybuilder.

Maybe try adding something useful to the conversation next time, because if I don’t understand then the OP probably doesn’t either.

I’ve seen plenty of leaner bodybuilder-type guys at powerlifting competitions.

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How arrogant of you to make this assumption, Chris.

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Ok, will stop now…


You don’t need to, but it helps. When you contract all your fat cells, you can conjure more force than just by contracting muscle. Plus it keeps you warmer between sets.

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Fairly lean (13% BF), Short torso, long legs/arms… Built sorta like a gorilla lol


What is your weight and height? There is no reason to get fat, but unless you are already extremely muscular for your size it would probably help if you add some muscle.

I am 5’5" and 150 lbs