Do I Need to be Worried about Diabetes?

I’ve heard tons of stories of 80+ year old men going on TRT and having energy again, my dad has lost muscle and was tested as low testosterone. He refuses to seek help.

Sad man. I am sorry.

I notice that men and women who are near 80 and into the 80s take frequent naps. Even while sitting.
Could this be normal aging? Should we give them all hrt ? Can their bodies handle it ?
Life expectancy is somewhere in the 80s.

There are people living in isolation and have no disease in their 80’s and beyond, they don’t have plastics, processed foods and walk miles everyday. We live in cities full of chemicals and in the environment are causing disease.

We are triggering disease by activating our bad genes through chemicals. Living in modern civilization is killing us slowly, by the time we are in our 40-50 the average person has at least one disease, by age 80 we are on more than one medication.

Modern civilization = disease, building full of chemicals, 9/11 first responders are still dying today. They are just going faster than we are, we are dying slower.

Normal aging, I don’t think so.

Accelerated aging.

Does anyone know on here how to properly inject sub Q. The advice would be appreciated. Im using a 27 gauge needle. I know for a fact how to do I.M but not sub Q with testosterone

Yea my doctor will be testing that this Wednesday I will post labs as soon as they come back

It’s no different than IM only you’re injecting into fat tissue, I tried Sub Q last two days and had some sort of estrogen spike from hell 30 minutes after the injection.

I was in a zombie like state for hours and couldn’t form sentences and barely stay awake. I have no freaking clue what happened!

It was like all of the injected testosterone was converted to estrogen.

Wow now I think I mite just stick with I.M.
But my other question was i remember you have low SHBG like me my doctor put me on 50mg twice a week of testosterone. Didn’t we come to the conclusion that dailynshots are better for guys with low SHBG??

Start with 2x a week. Shbg number can fluctuate many points.

Do 2x a week then labs after 6-8 weeks. No reason to go invasive and inject more frequently. I’ve read alot of success by guys with shbg in the 20s and 40s with 2x a week.

Or try once a week, my SHBG runs in the mid 20s and I have been doing once a week for years. Works fine and I appreciate no decline towards the end of the week. You can always split it up, or go to every five days or so, if you need more frequent dosing.

so you think you developed diabetes due too low testosterone??
If thats the case once your bring your levels up it won’t get rid of the diabetes ???

My father did as well, testosterone lowered and he became a diabetic in his 80’s when we know men at this age cannot be optimal. This is the time he stopped exercising and running marathons.

Type 2 diabetes is reversible, my diet must change as well.

Srry for your loss.
I just wan to make sure I avoid diabetes in general