Do I Need to be Worried about Diabetes?

I am currently on Testosterone cream that is compounded. I was prescribed to rub it on my scrotum ED. Along with HCG 100units ED. I have been on the cream Protocol for about 3 weeks now but before that I was on clomid. Do you think It could potentially be the cream that is causing these problems???
I have been having terrible errection problems even with the use of 20mg cilias.
I also have just been feeling the general over all weakness

I have just received my labs and my glucose was pretty high. It has never been this high before. But I have heard of guys becoming diabetic after starting TRT. And now Im worried. Im wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what are the steps I should take???

Here are my recent labs

TRT is recommended for diabetics, that and Metformin. TRT should improve insulin resistance. It could just be you’re not absorbing the cream very well.

Creams can still aromatize into estrogen. You may have high E2. You should get that tested

pretty high fasted glucose, SHBG rather low… You should get fasted insulin.

How’s your diet? Bodyfat %? You may wanna drop some fat.

My doctor said he does not belive in glucose levels so he is going to test A1. I think thats the name.
@systemlord I think im going to switch over to Defy medical. Dr. Crisler is a very knowledgeable doctor but he needs to work on his people skills just a little

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My e2 is tested it is posted I got the ultrasesntive test done. But im going to ask my doctor if he can switch me over to the injections. Im not to sure why he wanted me to go with the cream

@tontongg so here the thing because you kind of hit one of my symptoms rite on the dot. I weigh 155 pounds i am 5’10. I am a pretty skinny guy and I just turned 30. For some reason out of no where i got a lot of fat in my stomach area. Like you can literally see my stomach poking through my shirt and this is not the normal me. It really stating to bother me but I have no idea what may beaching it. My diet is not the best but still up to about 2 months ago I could eat anything and you would not eve notice the difference now i can literally see my stomach poking through my shirt

Sounds like your metabolism is slowing down as expected with age, and your fat is creeping up meaning more inflammation and that in itself is bad for a number of health parameters. Starting with hormones, glucose metabolism etc.

I’d really work on the diet. Build muscle, lean down, figure out which foods bloat you and avoid them etc.

A few months back I would blame everything on e2.
The problem was I needed to do cardio to lose some weight. And the bloat was not from e2 but constipation. I also thought it was from food some maybe but constipation caused bloat.

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Sounds like a good plan for me to start doing

Your fasting number is not that high. Did you take it in the morning? Get your A1C done as it will give you a better idea of your actual number. You probably don’t need any medication. Cut down on the carbs and your numbers will drop. By going on testosterone injections my blood sugar numbers have dropped significantly. Get your dr to get you the Abbott FreeStyle liber reader and sensors. It is great for showing you your blood sugar instantaneously. They are cheapest at Walmart if you use a GoodRx card. Good luck. Rusty

@rustyhammer, are you by chance diabetic? My brother in law is interested in TRT but he has diabetes and is concerned what TRT will do to him?

I have type 2 and with TRT I am feeling like my old self. Since going on TRT and lowering carbs my blood sugar numbers are down about 20%. The majority of the drop occurred after starting TRT. Does your brother use freestyle libre?

I’m not familiar with this term. Actually, brother in law so I’ve only known him for about 4 years. I just know he’s obese and is on insulin.

Freestyle libre is an automatic blood glucose monitoring system that will alarm on high or low blood glucose.

I’m in the “pre” stage now and just started TRT. My diet is pretty low carb and very little sugar. It kind of runs in the family for me. I’m hoping TRT will help bring the number down and keep me from tipping over the edge.


No he is definitely not on that. In fact, I don’t think he check his blood sugar as often as he should.

Thanks for the info.

It is the opinion of some hormone experts that men with diabetes should be on TRT and Metformin instead of insulin, diabetes is hard on the body and will shorten your lifespan. Men with diabetes tend to have lower testosterone as a result of diabetes, in my case I became a diabetic as a result of low testosterone and my father as well once he stopped exercising at 80.

I suspect his testosterone was is low and that’s why he stopped exercising at 80, his whole life he exercised daily until he lacked the energy to do so. Then diabetes struck and being a 23 career marine he would drop dead before complaining to his doctor because marine conditioned to not complain.

In fact his doctor told him he was now a diabetic, he stated, “no I’m not”, a month later he was admitted to the ER. ER doctor said did you know you’er a diabetic, father said I guess I do now.

My father is on insulin when he should be on TRT and Metformin but refuses to listen. I now see him falling asleep several times a day, to anyone of us we know what that’s like don’t we?

Abbott labs makes a glucose monitor you put on your arm called the freestyle libre. It will allow him to check his blood sugar anytime without the need of a finger prick

Thanks. I’ll try to bring it up

Indeed I do. But isn’t this just an older person thing too?