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Do I Need to Add Other Things to my TRT?

Hi I would like to know If it’s necessary to add other things to my HRT such as pregnenolone or dhea
Any knowledgeable answers welcome,

My TRT is going great I feel amazing with no symptoms anymore,

Feel great no symptoms? No, don’t fuck with it

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Do not “fix” it if it is not broken.

Protocol? How long have you been on it?

If feeling great I’d at least stay on the protocol for 6-12 months without changing anything. Then, get bloodwork for pregnenolone, dhea, etc and try one thing for a month straight. If feeling worse, now you know it’s no good. If feel nothing, just drop it. If feeling great in other ways or at longer lengths of the day then you have a winner. Or just fix possible concerns in your bloodwork - either way, it’s like beating a videogame and looking for additional things to do lol

You could also try a cycle or two (Pharma section), compete in a sport, develop a business, anything you want to actualize now that you have high energy for life.